Droid Review of News: Motorola Droid 3 Like Droid 2 + Webtop & Dockers

Droid3Verizon.JPGWe know that many of the popular Droid smartphones from Verizon are reaching the end of their life cycle, including the Droid Incredible (March 31), Droid X, and the Droid 2 Global.  We've been seeing leaked photos recently of the Droid Incredible 2, Droid X2, and now the Droid 3. 

The Droid 3 looks a lot like the original Droid and the Droid 2, which was replaced by the Droid 2 Global.  It has a landscape slider QWERTY keyboard.  The keyboard has an added row of keys, making it a five-row keyboard for easier typing.  It looks like it has a front-facing camera for video calling.
The other speculated specs of the Droid 3 are Android 2.2 with MotoBlur
UI and a 1.3GHz processor (the Droid 2 Global has a 1.2GHz processor).  The photo shows an HDMI video out port next to the micro-USB port.  The
arrangement is a perfect fit for Motorola WebTop docks, which includes the laptop
dock, media dock and clock dock.  The suggested release date is late

Previous leaks suggested that Droid 3 would have a 4" screen with qHD resolution (960 x 540), which is the same as the well-reviewed Motorola Atrix.

The Droid 3 appears in our list of top Android an' Droid phones now and later.

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  1. Correction: Tbhat would be a Five row Keyboard. Given that spacing, it would indicate about 1/2" wider/taller in Landscape mode for sizing of the phone. A 4.3" seems very likely from the pics, if not a bit larger.

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