HTC Rhyme Rhymes with Great Accessory Time - More Reviewers Chime-in

The HTC Rhyme is a feamale-focused designed smartphone that comes with accessories. You can also buy color-coordinated accessories to match the plum case. Our first Review of Reviews showed some interesting things which we would like to update about the  HTC Rhyme. For the first time, we have seen male-dominated review sites publish reviews by women and their opinions vary as much as shoe heel sizes.

The advertisements show a multi-arm goddess juggling many parts of life's ecosytem. The promotions say the HTC Rhyme is "Thoughtfully designed to think the way you do." That statement could be the root of how the HTC Rhyme rings true or false.

Reviewers liked the charging dock but were confused about the LED charm. We found a video that shows a great use for the charm. Not only does it light up to let you know your phone  is ringing, but it also acts as leash or fishing line help you find your  HTC Rhyme and pull it out of your purse. However,  a femme fatale reviewer noted the dongle is completely inflexible, making it impossible to attach the charm to most standard leather bags.

A new reviewer played with the name by saying there is no reason for the HTC Rhyme. until the price gets cheaper, but you can get the HTC Rhyme discounted to $49 at Amazon Wireless which is the price you would pay for a dock f or another smartphone.

Another reviewer noted that the battery is non-removable which could be problem because you can't replace it. She did like the soft plum material of the HTC Rhyme and great battery and camera effects. She concluded that the if you love purple and HTC Sense the HTC Rhyme is the phone for you.

There are many things that women will like about the HTC Rhyme . It's not a bad smartphone.  It looks nice and the docking station is a very useful tool.  Women are individuals with many ways of thinking and many different needs.

I publicly admitted that I spent $800 on a notebook  computer because it came in hot Hibiscus pink but it also had a top of the line processor and all the functions I needed.   Yes I do love pretty colors but most smartphones "don't think the way I do."  The best smartphone advice is that you first look at what you need and then decide what meets your needs.

I have a special compartment in my purse for the cell phone du jour and eyeglass case.  The other night, I sat next to a woman who had a pocketbook so huge, she was unable to find a pencil.  If you have a purse that is so full of stuff, you can't find your phone or don't even hear it when it rings the HTC Rhyme's LED charm may chime with you.

If you are a data hog and want fast movies, web surfing and email at the cost of your battery, you'll want to look at the Droid Bionic, forthcoming Droid RAZR or Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the Verizon network.

If you don't use your phone for anything but a phone, you can what one of female friends did when her ancient clam shell phone died.  She recycled her brother-in-law's original RAZR.  She thinks like recycler.

I've update the HTC Rhyme limerick to:

The HTC Rhyme was designed for the female
 And beautifully styled to make the sale
I'll have to see
If she thinks like me
Or if she's just a fairytale.

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