Walmart iPhone Deals Check Out Apps 4 Speed

Scan @ Walmart

Scan @ WalmartWe know that Walmart has been offering deals on smartphones and even discounting the iPhone, now they are starting a program where customers can use their iPhones to check out and pay at self-service lanes.

Walmart touts it as a faster way to shop and save by scanning items with iPhones and putting them in bags in the cart while shopping.

Over half of Walmart shoppers use smartphones, the new service "Scan & Go" is designed to get shoppers through the self-service line quickly.

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HTC Rhyme Rhymes with Great Accessory Time - More Reviewers Chime-in

The HTC Rhyme is a feamale-focused designed smartphone that comes with accessories. You can also buy color-coordinated accessories to match the plum case. Our first Review of Reviews showed some interesting things which we would like to update about the  HTC Rhyme. For the first time, we have seen male-dominated review sites publish reviews by women and their opinions vary as much as shoe heel sizes.

The advertisements show a multi-arm goddess juggling many parts of life's ecosytem. The promotions say the HTC Rhyme is "Thoughtfully designed to think the way you do." That statement could be the root of how the HTC Rhyme rings true or false.

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HTC Vigor Cased as HTC Rezound with Cases, Big Battery & Beats?

HTC Rezound Cases

IHTC Rezound Casest looks like it is going to be raining dual-core smartphones soon at Verizon Wireless in time for the holidays.  The next round of HTC gift ideas surround the HTC Rezound (HTC Vigor) and are colorful hard cases that were shown before the HTC Rezound has even been announced.

The cases come in red, purple or black and show the usual HTC Sense homescreen.  Another accessory to appear is a 2750mAh extended life battery and expanded case, taken as  proof of a 4.3" touchscreen on the HTC Rezound.

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CTIA Welcomes Media - Samsung Droid Nexus Prime & Media MIA

WIreless and Mobile News CTIA Where's nexus prime

Last WIreless and Mobile News CTIA Where's nexus primenight, CTIA (The Wireless Association) threw a party for the media.  It was held at the rooftop bar  surrounding the  pool of the Hotel  Solamar in downtown San Diego.  We were offered mobile martinis (pomegranate juice, mint, lime and vodka), lobster salad sliders and sushi.

CTIA president Steve Largent said, "We want you to know that we are listening" and noted that the CTIA Wireless show will be held in May, next year as opposed to late March early April.

Beneath the gazebo, Largent let us know that CTIA would be available to the media.  He introduced all the CTIA executives.

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