Cases for Samsung Galaxy Nexus Release Date Soon and Great Battery

While we know for sure that Droid RAZR will be here this Friday at 11:11 am and the HTC Rezound is coming on 11/14, it's not clear yet when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be launched.  There are a few cases for it coming soon with great battery life.

There are reports that a holster shell case and silicone cover case have been seen at Verizon retail stores suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be released soon.  There are also compatible cases available from and other online wireless accessory stores.  Those who watch case releases report that cases can arrive in stores about two weeks before the release date.

An anonymous screenshot from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus shows 45% of battery life left, reportedly after 5 hours of heavy use and the brightness set to maximum.

Yesterday, there were rumors and speculation that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus may be delayed. Previous leaked release date include 11/10, 11/17 or 11/21 or even as late as Cyber Monday on November 28.

Those who are placing bets are tending toward later than the Rezound date of 11/14  because when you search on Rezound on the Verizon Wireless website you get the Rezound sign-up page but Samsung Galaxy Nexus shows no results.  Meanwhile, one of readers has reported that Verizon does have a  Samsung Nexus sign-up page.  When we searched Verizon website there was not individual page for the Galaxy Nexus but what looked like an ad with a learn more button that links to Galaxy Nexus sign-up page. While an HTC Rezound search sends you to an email sign-up page directly.   This could just be a programming error.

So far there has been one delay in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus/Droid Prime process.  There was supposed to be an announcement at CTIA which was delayed a few weeks until October 19 at the AllThingdsDigitial Asia D Conference  in Hong Kong.

All we know for sure is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be released by Verizon Wireless.   Keep your fingers crossed that it will be before the holidays are over because Verizon Wireless doubled the amount of 4G LTE data for the price.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus  is the first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone(see features).

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