HTC Droid DNA Review of News - Release Dated

Droid DNAIt looks like there's going to be a big daddy in the Droid family at Verizon Wireless, the Droid DNA.

Leaked training materials suggest the Droid DNA will have a 5 " HD screen, 8MP camera and HTC Sense. It most like will have Wi-Fi, Bluteooth, GPS and it should have DLNA to go with its name.

A photo of the Droid DNA was leaked earlier. The HTC DLX  also know as the “HTC6435LVW” showed up at the FCC with support for  Verizon’s CMDA and LTE spectrum with HSPA for world roaming,

The Droid DNA is expected to be the US version of the HTC J Butterfly J in Japan that features a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and  full 1080p screen. The screen size will push it into realm of the pahblet such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or LG Intuition.

HTC and Verizon announced the press event in New York City next Tuesday November 13.Let's see what could they be announcing, well HTC is known for the Droid Incredible and many Droids in Verizon Wireless smartphone lineup. Mmmmn many believe will be the Droid DNA. Release dates have been circulating to be around Black Friday or later.

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