HP Palm Pre 2 Be Resurrected as HP Android Bender

Palm PreAfter HP ditched webOS, the Palm Pre and the HP TouchPad, it stopped producing smartphones at a great loss. Recent rumors suggest that HP will get back in the smartphone fold with an Android device.

It has been reported that the "HP Bender" will feature Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a Qualcomm s4 dual-core processor, and 1366 x 720 p HD resolution.

Many thought that HP would choose Windows Phone 8 over other OS to work with the  Windows PCS and tablets.

The Palm Pilot was in fact the first handheld computer.  The Palm Treo was the first handheld computer and phone combo unit.  The Palm Pre was the first smartphone with synergy to integrate feeds, contacts and many functions.  It was introduced at a party where Jerry Sienfeld performed.

At the time, Jon Rubinstein was the CEO of Palm. He left HP, earlier this year. He now is on the board of Amazon and recently attended the Kindle Fire launch event in Santa Monica.

Analysts note that the market is now flooded with Android smartphones and will have a tough time competing. When HP decided to blow-out the HP TouchPad tablet for $99, it created a frenzy of tablet buyers who kept looking for a deal on the tablet that would not die the ImmortaPad.

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