iPhone 5 iOS 6 Ghost Data Use- How to Fix or iOS Update Needed?

Ghost iPhone CaseWhen the iPhone 5 was launched, there were a few minor glitches one of which was that when the iPhone 5 was connected to Wi-Fi, it still used cellular data.  New A&T iPhone 5 owners and those who have updated to iOS 6 are seeing ghost data use, that they believe is a software problem

Verizon Wireless officially stated that no one would be charged for cellular data used while connected to Wi-Fi and suggested users update the software via an Apple fix.

AT&T iPhone 5 owners are seeing strange eerie  midnight data usage  that continues to spook them and their wireless bills. AT&T support forum is filled with stories like these:

"I contacted ATT support I was told that this type of data usage was normal when using Wi-Fi since the iPhone 5 was advanced and used data at all times, even when associated with Wi-Fi networks. The suggested fix was that I disable cellular data to avoid charges. This answer is unacceptable to me."

"My iPhone was sending large data segments of between 100mb and 400mb at times when the phone was on Wi-Fi. Another odd thing is that when I checked data usage on my phone in the settings/general/usage, it wouldn't show the data usage on there. I emailed ATT support and they said it's Apple's fault.

Phantom data usage has been noticed by iPhone owners with grandfathered unlimited data who are hitting their data limit earlier.. Users who formally typically used 2 GB of data and a month are now showing 4 GB of use it. Other 2GB average users are showing up to 5GB of data use.

Suggested Fixes:

  • A fix maybe to turn off cellular data when you are using Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off cellular data when the iPhone 5 is plugged into the charger. The iPhone charging goes into hibernation shuts off the Wi-Fi radio and switches back to cellular to reduce power consumption.
  • Turn off cellular data whent the iPhone has black screen aka power save mode which turns off the Wi-Fi radio to save power.

Some contend it is a software issue.  One customer on his bill found data being used at 12-1:00 am every morning on his iPhone 5 and his daughter's iPhone 4 with iOS 6. His phone  used 426 MB's of data at 11:57 pm while he was asleep.  AT&T iPhone 4S customers have seen data increases after upgrading to iOS 6.

There are also reports of data problems with iPads. Note the photo shows a Ghost iPhone Case from Amazon that sells for around $10.00


19 thoughts on “iPhone 5 iOS 6 Ghost Data Use- How to Fix or iOS Update Needed?”

  1. I'm afraid to look at my bill. The iPhone 5 runs hot because its eating my data away!

  2. The iPhone 5 is optimized for the AT&T network, maybe it's sending back to Apple Apple Map information!!!

  3. I swear my iPhone 5 is haunted it does weird things in the middle of the night!

  4. The spirit of Steve Jobs is taking the data to the other side into the light.

  5. Apple ought to fix the mess this worse than atennagate, I call this one Phantom of the iPhone

  6. When I pay top dollar for an iPhone, and Apple makes a huge profit, I don't like it when they don't even admit there is a problem.

  7. I remember when we finally went to 3G now that was great.

    4G LTE is faster but sucks the blood of the battery. It also heats up more.

  8. The iPhone 5 has been invaded by nano ghouls that read live off you data plan.

  9. I am a HUGE Apple fan but this is so insanely unacceptable! My elevated Apple support guy claimed that no one had heard of this problem! Apple has a HUGE denial problem in tech support. A few years back a thermal issue brought my early MacBook Air to a grinding halt and they said there was nothing wrong with it. I met an Apple engineer socially who worked in thermal design who affirmed everything I found and said it was a HUGE known issue.....in public denial. Fortunately it is now fixed but now back to this issue of sudden unexplained HUGE data transfers.... I have a two Verizon Iphone 5s and one ATT Iphone 4 (unlimited). I upgraded the iPhone 4 to ios6 and then is showed the problem. The Verizon phones both show it, one in just a few meg at a time, the in big chunks. Verizon has been very nice and offered to replace the phone in the 14 day trial. But what happens after the 14 days and I start getting huge data bills??? I can tell you that Small Claims Court will be the next step if they don't fix it.

  10. AT&T doesn't care because they keep making more money. Apple doesn't care because they keep making more money.

    Who is the stupid one here we keep paying for this garbage?

    They keep charging more and we pay them. we've got to stop it is an addiction

  11. someone how to do something about all these problems it really bothers me. We've got to protest

  12. I contacted the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook. The head of Executive Relations called me twice and e-mailed me back. I still need to call him back. In the meantime, I just got a call from the office of the president of AT&T concerning my complaint with the FCC. I am a long time iPhone/Apple product user and have experienced the ghost data issue. I am working on this problem at the top level. Stay tuned for updates to come!

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