Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) - Smartest Tips & Tricks Videos?

Samsung Galaxy S III bicyclistsRecently, Samsung released some videos of the well-reviewed Samsung Galaxy S III on YouTube highlighting some of the smartphone's features. The iconic tango music plays in the background. One of the recent videos has been controversial and viewed often because what it implies.

Guess which video has five million more views than any of the other videos?

Let's look at the topics and plots (videos follow) the video demonstrates Samsung Galaxy S III features:

  • Burst Shot takes many shots in a row, of a bicyclist  goes up walls and roofs.
  • A guy shares his diving into the pool video via S Beam. S Beam Sharing video is easy by going to setting, S Beam select file you want to share, pair your phone, by touching them back to back, then touch the screen to sent the video.
  • Jim Is cooking on the grill, reading texts and watching video at the same time with Pop Up. The friend sends him a text while the meat is cooking.
  • Share Shot shows how to Share Shot in the camera app in shooting mode, select Wi-Fi direct and it sends the photo to all other with Share Shot.
  • Wouldn't be cool if your phone could read your mind or your body? Samsung Galaxy S III's Smart Gestures lets you call or take screen shot by swiping across the screen. Turn over lets you hang up the phone.
  • Smart Stay stops your phone from going to sleep while the guys eyes are on the phone, wherever he stands including the pool.
  • Two smartphone users are playing a zombie game, the one with the SG s3 wins because she has a bigger screen.
  • Daddy is leaving on business trip, Mom through S Beam taps his Samsung Galaxy S III and sends him a video  the daughter, than a video make by the wife who says "Don't watch this on the plane," wink, wink, wink.

Yes, everyone is implying the video is sexy.  We say, it could be any video that you don't want airplane passengers to see such as the latest yoga poses, secret spy code translations or maybe alien abductions....It has taken smartphone tricks to the next level.

Whatever S Beam is being used for the videos are very smart because they actually show owners how to use their smartphones, something that other smartphone makers have not taken the time to do.

Readers, do any of these videos make you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S III? Leave your comments below.

8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) - Smartest Tips & Tricks Videos?”

  1. Some one should tell the wife, the minute the husband gets the video, he'll S Beam it to his buddies.

  2. You can send sexy videos with an iPhone as long as you know what you are doing.

  3. The only problem is when you want to S Beam someone who doesn't have a SG SIII or Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

  4. It's really clever that these features only work with other SG S3 owners, then you have to buy one for each member of the family.

  5. That guy shouldn't stand in the pool with his S3, if he destroys it, it voids the warranty.

  6. Sometimes the Smart Stay stays on when I don't want it to, otherwise, I love the S3.

    Please tell me how you get beautiful blondes to S Beam you sexy videos.

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