Bluetooth SIM iPhone & Android GoPod with Risque Name Wins Vegas Award

BluetoothIn the didn't anyone check what the name means in English department, there is a CES winner for something called the GSpot. Now ladies don't get too excited it's not what you think it is. The name tickled our funny bone as well as humorous hotspot.

The device called the GSpot is from GoPod Group Limited in China. Yup, the GSpot won an award for Wireless Handset in the CES Best of Innovations. We would like to know where the wireless hand is setting.

We imagine a future where you can share your GSpot with a share everything plan or maybe wirelessly charge your GSpot. How about this, Verizon Wireless or AT&T may offer free GSpot activation!

We can see the marketing now, for family plans where you get your GSpot working with up to 1o connected devices for the whole happy family.

Better yet, the GSpot will be revealed at CES in Las Vegas, it already sounds like an exclusive ladies club.  Am I just the only who finds that the fact that the GSpot works with Bluetooth, hilarious?

What's even better is that the logo is a giant G.  Gee whiz, CES, what the "G" happened? Did you hire judges from the Las Vegas Strip to judge the contest and they thought it was best sex toy ever made because it supports  multiple bandwidths?

The Best of Innovations designation is awarded to products with the highest judges’ scores and will be featured at the Innovations Design and Engineering  at CES is January 8-11, 2013 in Last Vegas.

Let's remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Here's what we've been able to find out from the manufacturer which seems to be translated from Chinese:

The GSpot Spot is a mini adapter can supports extra dual SIM standby via bluetooth for iPod/iPhone/iPad and Android phone, use bluetooth to make voice calls,SMS and internet access,small size,long standby time, good compatibility."

We're so glad that this GSpot has l-o-n-g standby time and good compatibility. We're not sure that the humanoid forms of this device work the same way...

GoPodGSPotThe official CES description is "GSpot uses a special App, which can extend two more SIM card for iOS and Android devices, supports voice calls, SMS and Internet share."

Yahoo or gasp, ladies, there's now an app that gets your GSpot working with your iPhone or Android device.

We imagine the commercial like the Carls Jr. burger ad where the lovely gal says,  "Yummy,  my GSpot has a special App, that extends my SIMs and uses Bluetooth. It's the purrrrrrrrrrfect accessory for global travelers."

Would someone pul-e-a-se tell the company what kind of major SNAFU the name implies. When they have the unveiling in Vegas, it could attract quite a different crowd than expected.

We see it now at CES in lights above the expo floor, "Live GSpot Demo in Conference Room G."

8 thoughts on “Bluetooth SIM iPhone & Android GoPod with Risque Name Wins Vegas Award”

  1. Some feminists should revolt and ban importation of this device in the U.S......

    This one is hit the DumbestNameSpot!

  2. They probably didn't pay a human translator. They ran it through Google translate and will suffer the consequences.

  3. I went to CES and didn't see it anywhere.

    They probably pulled the plug on the G Spot.

  4. LOL, I went all over CES and never found the GSpot, until I realized I had my own right inside me.

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