Mobile Users Want Mo' Web 4 Shopping & Entertaining Media

Adobe Mobile CloudAdobe is offering a free white paper on developing a mobile strategy using recent research covering important mobile trends.

The study found that Above All, Mobile Device Users Like to Be Entertained:

  • Forty percent of users spend three hours or more weekly on mobile media sites, contrasted with only 10% of users who reported accessing no mobile media activities in the past six months.
  • And even though only 44% of the older crowd (those aged 60 and above) reported making any mobile purchases in the past year, when they did, they also showed a clear preference for movies, music, and games.

Adobe Suggests Marketers

Deliver content types by frequency of engagement. Most mobile users access certain types of content—like social media, games, and music—daily and other types of content—like videos and blogs—weekly. Therefore, releasing certain types of content daily and other types of content weekly may be optimal to align with mobile user media consumption patterns.

Mobile Web Rules 4 Shopping

When given a choice, the majority of those surveyed (67%) strongly prefer using mobile websites over mobile apps for all shopping-related activities—including researching product information, comparing prices across different retailers, registering for offers and promotions, viewing product imagery, checking order status, reading customer ratings and reviews, receiving online promotions and coupons, and product browsing.

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