iPad mini vs iPad Ads True or False?

iPad Mini BillboardCommentary:

The latest iPad mini ads could be considered true or false advertising.

The most trafficked roadways  in Los Angeles are  plastered with  iPad mini billboards, which say nothing but imply a lot.  The latest television iPad mini  TV commercial also states nothing which may lead buyers to believe things about the iPad mini which are not true.

Billboard Hit & Run?

Let's look at the billboard ads with the title "iPad mini" with lots of white space and a hand holding the iPad mini, showing its smaller size.  Some billboards are in landscape and there is one in West  Hollywood that is vertical jutting into the sky. Many people who know nothing about iPads will assume that all the iPad mini is is a smaller version of the latest iPad.

The piano commercial shows a full size iPad with fingers playing the base lines for "Heart and Soul."  Then it shows the iPad mini and fingers playing the melody of the song.

Both of these ads imply that the iPad mini is in fact just a smaller iPad.  Depending upon which iPad you compare it to, however, it has weaker less powerful specs.

So What's the Big deal? (Or shall we say what's the small deal?)

The latest iPad with the Retina display has a 2048x1537  pixel resolution while the iPad mini has a 1024x768 resolution, the same as the iPad 2. The iPad mini has a slower dual-core A5 processor than the dual-core A6x with quad-core graphics of the iPad Retina.  The iPad mini when connected to cellular data networks requires a Nano-SIM while the iPad 2 and iPad Retina use Micro-SIM.

Some may consider the commercial and ads brilliant because by not saying anything technical about the iPad mini, all they show and therefore tell is that the iPad mini is a smaller iPad.  They neglect to show which iPad model it is smaller than, the iPad mini bears the most resemblance in specs to the iPad 2, except for having a lightning connectors and Nano-SIM (for cellular data only).

What's in a Name?

Apple has also done a good job of naming iPads so that is confusing.  The last iPad that came out was not called the iPad 3 but the new iPad. That third generation iPad is now no longer available.

Jimmy Kimmel called the iPad mini a smaller version of the iPad.

Kimmel  also said,"Anyone standing in line for an iPad mini in New York or New Jersey this weekend should be punched in the throat. Right? If they have that kind of time, volunteer or something."

Kimmel's parody of Apple commercials is show below. It was made even more ironic by the fact it shown in an iPad frame. The parody punctuates the  twisted underlying truth about all iPads and iPhones -they are all just iPods that you keep having to pay more for. In a another ironic twist the Kimmel parody has had double the views on YouTube than Apples own iPad mini commercial.

The description for the YouTube states, "The iPad mini.  It's every inch an iPad."

Yeah, but what model?

12 thoughts on “iPad mini vs iPad Ads True or False?”

  1. Yes it is smaller, and of course with a smaller body and price tag, what sane person would expect it to offer the same pecs as the full size iPad. As for the bottom, are you really contending that iPhones and iPads are just iPods? Of course they have that functionality, but other added functionality, like a phone, and larger size respectively. Is this a news article or your opinion of a product you don't especially like?

    • The fact is Apple has to rely on buyer ignorance - and promotes that ignorance with its "walled garden" - in order to sell its wares.

      The iPad Mini is demonstrably inferior to every iPad model available today. But your insinuation that smaller means less specs is both invidious and incorrect. There are actually smaller sized tablets that are demonstrably SUPERIOR to the iPad Mini. This includes the fact that those superior tablets that are smaller that the iPad Mini are actually lower in price as well. That gives complete lie to your insinuation that smaller means worse specs.

      Size is irrelevant to specs other than the size of the screen.

      The comparison of the iPhone to an iPod isn't ENTIRELY unjustified if one considers what the iPod could do before the iPhone came out and the abilities of the iPhone when it first came out. They differed very little except in terms of cellular connection. The specs were, of course, different, but the capabilities weren't that much different.

  2. I agree they are purposely not naming different models differently to confuse people and make more money.

  3. The iPad Zoombies don't think for themselves they are the walking dead and will do whatever the great Apple Aliens asks of them as Apple makes gazillions of dollars. Oh yeah the other Zombies are the poor workers in China breathing in noxious fumes.

    Apple thinks its so important that they can say everything with one photo. Jimmy Kimmel is also right. When the city of New York is in crisis, no one should be waiting in line for an iPad mini. Then of course iPad owners are devoid of reality. Take one of those iPads and start shoveling dirt off the street.

  4. I can buy an Kindle Fire HD for $199 and still have $129.99 to give to the Red Cross.

  5. Jimmy Kimmel also called the the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the Samsung Galaxy 2, the other night. All the naming is crazy, think of a new name for each new prodcuts.

  6. @Maiden writes, "I can buy an Kindle Fire HD for $199 and still have $129.99 to give to the Red Cross."

    Don't see your point. I can buy the latest iPad fully equipped for $829 from Apple and still have $5,000 to give to the Red Cross.

  7. Seriously thinking about selling my iPad 3 and switching to an iPad mini. Why? I cannot really do work on an iPad - so I still have a regular laptop for that. And the phone is there for calls. So the iPad is really for personal use - surfing, videos, games, etc. The current iPad is just too heavy. I don't like trading down from retina, and considering by some time next year they will come out with a cheaper mini and better mini, I may wait, but it's tempting. Of course Nexas, FireHD are also good options for personal use, but already have too many iOS apps...

  8. I don't see why everyone is arguing about something that's supposed to be funny. You guys are much too serious. Wake up and smell reality. It's a piece of metal were circuitry and it, it is not your life it is not who you are.

    Look up from your iPad and smell the roses, play with the puppy, hug a baby, help people in need.

    A tablet is like a piece of paper, read it learn from it but don't become it.

  9. Anyone who bought an iPad mini Friday in New York City is probably able to throw away money.

    Apple has so much many it can throw it away.

    Apple should donate $100 for every iPad mini sold in New York City until the whole mess is cleaned up.

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