Samsung Galaxy S3 (III) Update to Android Jelly Bean 4.1 How to

Samsung Galaxy S IIIAT&T is offering an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for its version of the Samsung Galaxy S III that must be completed via Samsung Kies software and is not offered over the air.

If you don't have Kies, you can download it from Samsung.  Before starting the update be sure to backup your data and make sure your battery is at least 50% charged.  Installation will take a few minutes. you will not be able to make calls during the update process . AT&T stores do not have the software to complete the update.

Besides adding well-known Jelly Bean features, the update will also include a faster TouchWiz experience. New features include camera filters, low-light photo mode, an easy mode, call blocking, SWYPE keyboard, low light photo mode, video pause/resume and Pop Up Play sizing/resume.

Easy Mode is a simplified option for first-time smartphone owners, with large home screen widgets that focus on the device essentials.

Saumusng has also added AllShare technology into ESPN's popular ScoreCenter application that also works with Samsung Smart TVs.

After the update the Galaxy S III can pair with supporting NFC Bluetooth accessories in a single touch with  NFC One Touch Pairing Support.

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 offers a better keyboard and is faster/smoother (read features). The price of the Samsung Galaxy S III has been reduced greatly by  It has been named in many of the top best smartphone lists of 2012.

Enterprise users be forewarned that User created Access Point Names (APNs) will be erased during the update. Please touch Menu > Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile networks > Access point names to reconfigure your custom APNs after the update is complete.

Kies only support Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.  Windows RT is not support.  Do not close any programs on your PC or disconnect the Samsung Galaxy S III until the upgrade is finished.

Here's How to Update Your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean:

  •  Connect your Samsung Galaxy S III to your PC or laptop using the supplied USB cable. Ensure that Kies recognizes your device by looking in the upper section of the left-bar navigation menu. Your device should be listed.
  • Kies Device Once Kies recognizes the device you will see a screen stating new firmware is available.
  • Click Update.
  • Read through the Caution pop-up and, if you agree, click to populate the I have read all of the above information checkbox.
  • Read the Allow saving of information statement and select Allow saving or Proceed without saving and then click Start upgrade.
  • After a few minutes, Kies will then begin transferring the firmware binary to the device.
  • Then after a while the upgrade is completed.
  • If completed a data backup from your device to Kies prior to performing the update, you can now restore that data back to the device under the new Jelly Bean operating system.