Best Smartphone 2012 Review of Reviews by WiMo News: Samsung Galaxy S3 (III), iPhone 5 & Droid RAZR HD

Top Ten Best Smartphones WiMo News 2012We have the final results for the best smartphone of 2012. When I tell people I am the Editor of Wireless and Mobile news, they ask me, what is the best phone? The first question, I ask is what carrier do you have? Then I ask how they want to use their smartphone.

Tabulation & Investigation Leads to Better Smartphone Information

We've tabulated all the reviews from the best expert resources to discover what is the best smartphone from review of reviews which follow. Previously we have reported the best smartphones of 2012 by general trends, sales, Consumer Reports by carrier,  T-Mobile HTCLG MotorolaDroidSprint  AT&T, Best Verizon smartphones.

We at WiMo News know that you really don't get an idea of phone ranking until you learn from several judges.

Many would like to have time to read all the reviews which is an arduous task. We have done the work for you, we're sort of a Cliff's Notes or Wikipedia of multiple resources to make your smartphone decision easier.

Many of our readers have to remain with their carriers due to family plans, company discounts and other reasons.  Some buyers prefer one brand over another.

Reviews of Reviews Lead to Subtle Clues

Reviewers claim to be unbiased however this year is the first year where we separated the smartphone with the same name across networks. We found that Sprint 4G LTE smartphones were rated slightly lower because of the lack of cities with Sprint 4G LTE. We also noticed an ever so slightly lowering of ratings on the T-Mobile network. There also was a very slight difference of higher ratings for the Verizon and AT&T network of about 1/10 .We looked at several rating sources and prorated results for consistency. We took a giant database and crunched the numbers to find the best smartphones for 2012.

Smartphones are Getting Bigger and Better Made More Manufacturers

This year, LG did better than they have ever done before. Most of the top phones on the list have either a dual-core or quad-core processor. This year we've seen screen size escalate to grow out of pocket into pocket ook phablet. The average screen size was 4.6" and the iPhone 5 has the smallest screen. Some people don't like large phones and prefer to have them fit into a pocket easily. Smaller screens however, make for harder touchscreen typing.

Unfortunately for texting fans, there is not a single QWERTY keyboard among the top winners.

It is always a good idea to read reviews, which we have summarized for you. The next step is to see what the phone looks like,hold it in your hand. Small people have Cinderella hand and like think sleek phone while others like our plumber, like a big phone that is easy to read and use.

There are more than ten is this years' top list because this is first time we've seen an unlocked smartphone get so close to the top.  We also combined the Nokia Lumia 900/920 as an honorable mention because Windows Phone is gaining traction. When possible we have linked to information about the smartphone and the best price we could find as of today.

WiMo News Review of Reviews of the Best Smartphones of 2012 in Reverse order:

12. Google Nexus 4 (unlocked) by LG , Android -  available unlocked and sold-out/backordered from the Google Playstore, the Nexus 4 is the first unlocked smartphone that competes in every spec except for fast 4G LTE data connections.  Many are hoping that the Nexus 4 will help end the domination of  U.S.. carriers deciding what device you will by. There were however horrendous customer service issues when it went on sale.  T-Mobile also sells subsidized models.

11. Nokia Lumia 900/920 Nokia Windows Phones - Microsoft is really trying to make a smartphone that is easier to use, in fact entreprenuer Mark Cuban said on Reddit that the "Nokia Lumia 920 crushes the iPhone 5".  The sassy ads ask  to work for Will Arnett you can buy the Nokia Luma 920  for as little as $39.99 for new customers and $69.99 for renewing AT&T customers.

10. Droid RAZR M Motorola Android - the fist and smallest of the latest Droid family.  The 4.3" screen goes all the way to edge giving you more screen for a petite size and light weight that is larger than the iPhone 5's screen (read comparison).  Reviewers liked the screen, compact size, pricing, fast processor and call quality new customers can buy it Top Best Coolest Hottest Verizon Smartphones Holiday Buying 4 SG S3, Droid, DNA, RAZR HD, MAXX & iPhone for one cent with contract.

9. Samsung Galaxy Note II Samsung Android  - this well-reviewed phablet comes with an S Pen that allows you write on the screen and convert it into text.  Reviewers liked the fat processor and many of the features, but thought the 5.5" screen could be too big for some. Launched across mutiple carriers, the Galaxy Note 2 is reduced the most for Sprint, followed by AT&T and Verizon.

8 Droid RAZR MAXX Motorola Android - When it was first launched, the battery life of the Droid  RAZR MAXX is the best any reviewer has ever seen for a smartphone and admired for still maintaining a slim figure.

7. HTC One S Samsung Android -  with Beats Audio, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 1GB RAM, 4.3" aHD Super AMOLED touchscreen,  HTC Sense and 8MP camera, this smartphone is currently free with a qualifying plan.

6. HTC EVO 4G LTE HTC Android - this Android smartphone was liked by reviewers for fast 1.5GHz dual-core processor, camera,  kickstand, admirable call quality, dedicated camera button and large touchscreen. It was  introduced in the spring  Amazon Wireless now sells for one cent with a new account.

5. LG Optimus G LG Android - . Reviewers liked the battery life, fast quad-core  processor, 4G LTE, beautiful screen, excellent benchmark tests. Amazon is selling the Sprint LG Optimus G for $99.99  The  AT&T LG Optimus G Best Smartphones LG Connects Spectrum to Nexus 4 & Optimus G priced at  $99.99 at Amazon. com for new customers and upgrades with a contract.

4. HTC One X HTC Android 4 - The first version of the HTC One X was  delayed due to a patent battle with Apple. The latest version the HTC One X + with Android Jelly Bean, has more power with quad-core processor. The HTC One X + Best Smartphones: HTC 8x, Droid DNA, HTC EVO 4G LTE & HTC One X is discounted at Amazon where it is discounted to $129.99 for new and $169.99 for renewing accounts.

3.Droid RAZR HD/MAXX Motorola Android - The well-reviewed latest Droid comes in two versions one with a larger capacity battery.  The RAZR HD kicks up the features of the original Droid RAZR a notch with a sharper display and more battery life.The best deal on the the RAZR HD is $149.99 Top Best Coolest Hottest Verizon Smartphones Holiday Buying 4 SG S3, Droid, DNA, RAZR HD, MAXX & iPhone   While the MAXX can be had for$149.99 for new customers Top Best Coolest Hottest Verizon Smartphones Holiday Buying 4 SG S3, Droid, DNA, RAZR HD, MAXX & iPhone.

2.iPhone 5 Apple iOS -  the best iPhone, ever, reviewers went "meh" over its now classic software.  The iPhone 5 remains a big seller due to its extended screen size and one-handed use.  The only discount we found  on an iPhone is $50 off until January 15 at Best Buy.

1.Samsung Galaxy SIII Samsung Android -  the most innovative smartphone of the year, that created its own style with software and features that envied rivals.  The Samsung Galaxy  SIII available at almost every major carrier, the best reviewed, the most advertised, the most updated, the phone of Olympians,  the phone with the most celebrity endorsements, fun tip videos and best parties for owners.  The Samsung Galaxy S III was the first smartphone to out sell the iPhone over the summer. The Samsung Galaxy S III' s price has been greatly reduced on Amazon for all carriers except T-Mobile.

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