Virgin Mobile Ads Went too Far from Virgin Deals

Virgin MobileVirgin Mobile has pulled an offensive ad campaign that went too far and caused an outrage from Twitter users along with Virgin Mobile founder Richard Branson.

The ad which women do night find funny showed a man with with his left over a woman's face and another holding  box, asked "Necklace or Cholorform?" for a holiday question on December 8.

The image was Tweeted by Everyday Sexism Project‘s Twitter feed with suggestion that other users tweet Virgin Mobile U.S. and Virgin Group Chairman Sir Richard Branson.

"Virgin Mobile US usually get these things right, although on this occasion it is clear they have gone too far," wrote Richard Branson who also later noted that an external agency created the ad, and the advertising along with the entire calendar was removed.

The cloroform ad was pulled briefly and replaced with and ad showing Santa with his thumb up and the caption "Sees you when you're sleeping.--- Ladies."

We find interesting that Branson found that ad offensive while the television for Virgin Mobile shows him leaving the bed of a girl showing how fast he was. He was getting people what they wanted as fast as possible noted the voice-over.  Sexism was already in the air, some might say.

The whole idea was to promote Virgin Mobile services which backfired. In the meantime Virgin Mobile is offering $50-$60 off some of its top-of-line smartphones for the holidays.

$50 off the Kyocera Rise, Optimus Elite, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Reverb, $60 off the HTC EVO V through January 3, 2013 and $40 off the Samsung Galaxy S II through Monday, January 7, 2013,

2 thoughts on “Virgin Mobile Ads Went too Far from Virgin Deals”

  1. Richard Branson, excuse my age is a "Sexist Pig."
    He shows he's a quickie in bed and then says the ad with cholorform is offensive. Wake up and smell the sexism. The Queen made him a Sir....probably because he used so many Madames...

  2. I will not buy service from Birgin mobile after seeing these ads. It doesn't matter how cheap a service is what's important is how they view the world.

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