Droid DNA Review vs Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 & HTC One

Droid DNADroid DNA Review of Reviews by Wireless and Mobile News

  • Most Liked Features: great screen, fastest processor (when released), handsome build and styling.
  • Least-Liked Features: lack of microSD slot, average battery life, non-removable battery and too big for some pockets.
  • Overall Average Ranking : 4.25 out of 5 making it the best Droid phablet vs. the Samsung Galaxy Note II.
  • Networks: Verizon average nationwide speeds averaging 10Mbps, spectacular speeds in some areas such as Los Angeles.

There has been much controversy over whether Verizon Wireless will offer the HTC One  or not because the Droid DNA is very close in features.  The Droid DNA when it was released was the largest-screened Droid smartphone at the time. Now the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is also a five-incher.  Before making comparisons let's look at how reviewers liked the Droid DNA.

The design of the Droid DNA makes it slim for a phablet and it has a sharper screen than the iPhone 5. The metal edges make the Droid DNA look more like premium race car than the plastic of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The back of the Droid DNA has a soft touch surface.  Video viewing was called great, making the Droid DNA the "best Droid, yet."

The Droid DNA battery lasted for as long as 10 hours but not as long as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Beats Audio makes music more dramatic. Photo quality was reviewed to be excellent but not a good as the iPhone 5.

The micro USB port has cover to make sure that water doesn't damage the Droid DNA, it can require a paper clip or good finger nails to open. Call quality was found to good to decent.

The Droid DNA was released in late 2012, too late to get into the be in the best smartphones of 2012 and will soon have competition from the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the HTC One on other networks.

If you are Droid Incredible fan, you will find many familiar qualities and no learning curve. The nice thing about current deals on the Droid DNA from Wirefly where the DROID DNA up to 75% OFF ($49.99 for new customers while supplies last".

Smartphones have gotten bigger as people use them for their main device, for surfing the web, playing games and reading emails. In Q2 the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be out with a faster processor and 12MP camera. The Droid DNA specs are very similar to the Nexus 4 with both having quad-core processor with the Droid DNA with a larger screen.  You can't however use the Nexus 4 on the Verizon network.

It is no longer a simple choice when buying a smartphone. Some people may want to wait for the highest fastest specs.  Samsung fans who previously used a Samsung smartphone and like the sharing features, may be better off waiting a few months for the almost a half an ounce lighter Samsung Galaxy S 4 with more dense pixels and the same screen size.

Your personal preferences will guide you to the right smartphone for you. If you are a power user, there may be some new releases on Verizon Wireless in the fall. Making a comparison chart to fit on webpage is difficult, we split this into two.  If you would like BlackBerry Z10 comparisons, click here.

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4.5 / 5 stars