LG Optimus F3 Available from T-Mobile $240 Smartphone

T-Mobile  is offering its most affordable LTE Android-powered smartphone with the LG Optimus F3.

LGOptimusf3tmobileThe Optimus F3  has 4-inch vivid IPS  screen and LG’s software such as QuickMemo, QSlide, VuTalk and Genius Camera.

Other features include,Wi-Fi calling, T-Mobile TV, 1GB RAM, a 5MP camera, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, front camera, LTE, GPS, LED flash and microSD expansion.

Special LG software included:

  • VuTalk allows users to send handwritten messages, photos or drawings back and forth in real time to visually share ideas and collaborate.
  • QSlide 2.0 allows users to overlay up to two application windows on an existing open application, adjusting size and transparency as needed for greater multitasking functionality.
  • QuickMemo lets users add their own creative commentary to pictures or screenshots with the swipe of a finger then share it via social media, email or SMS.
  • QTranslator allows users to translate words and phrases from 44 different languages into 64 native languages

The Optimus F3 for a limited-time promotion price of $0 down with 24 equal monthly device payments of $10 with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan for a total cost of $240 for the phone itself.