Top Best Reasons to Buy or Sell BlackBerry Z10 or Q10

BBQ10z10At the beach, yesterday, we saw a sorry sight. There was BlackBerry van with very nice looking young men, asking the skaters, walkers and bikers if they wanted to try out  the new BlackBerry.  Most beach goers ignored them completely.  There are still some very good reasons to buy a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 and other reasons to skip BlackBerry completely.

To BB or not to BB that is question....

Lets look at the BlackBerry pros first:

  • BlackBerry smartphone software offers the best security including getting DoF  ATO certification and stellar enterprise products.
  • The BlackBerry Q10 has a physical keyboard which makes for excellent typing.
  • The touchscreen BlackBerry Z10 has an improved touchscreen keyboard with predictive text.
  • Owners of the BlackBerry Z 10 rated it very high for keyboard, build quality, camera, size, display, video and BlackBerry Hub. In fact many features were higher rated than iPhone 5 users rated the features.
  • Reviewers called the BlackBerry Z10 the best BackBerry to date.
  • Prices have dropped Amazon Wireless is offering the Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Z10 with a new contract, new line of service or upgrade for one cent without a service plan it costs $599.99. Amazon is selling the AT&T BlackBerry Z10 with a new contract, new line of service or upgrade for one cent without a service plan it costs $599.99.
  • Sometime soon, you'll be able use BlackBerry Messenger on Android and iOS devices for free via apps.
  • BlackBerry Secure Workspace works with iOS and Android, now.
  • comScore reported that in the United States, BlackBerry holds 4.4% of the share there while Microsoft sits at 3.1%.
  • You have always been a BlackBerry fan and love it.
  • You're Canadian and only buy things designed in Canada.
  • BlackBerry uses far less data than other smartphones and you have a limited data plan.
  • When you found out that BlackBerry CEO Heins will be paid $55.6M if the company is sold, you are jealous anyone to prevent it sale at all costs.

Cons: Reasons Not to BlackBerry:

  • The strangest marketing techniques that don't make sense. The beach promo doesn't make sense either, because BlackBerry is for business users, people at the beach are people who like to go outside and don't care so much about security.
  •  It doesn't look cool to be using a BlackBerry. However a flip phone looks even worse, the younger the people at the party are.
  • Some people may be worried that if BlackBerry gets sold to another maker it will disappear like the Palm Pre, HP TouchPAD and webOS did. Others are already, saying "Bye Bye" and good riddance to Blackberry.
  • You're addicted to BlackBerry and you have been told by your spouse to give it up or else.
  • You want a personalized color experience on your smartphone and you don't care about speed, so you're opting for the American assembled Moto X.
  • BlackBerry is too expensive for you you and you prefer a cheap prepaid smartphone around $120 like the Nokia Lumia 521.
  • iPhones have a higher resale value.
  • Google is not continuing to support BlackBerry with all its products. Chromecast does not work with BlackBerry..
  • Once the iPhone 5S is announced trade-in and resale value for all smartphones decrease.  You may not recover even your subsidy.
  • Most contracts are for two years and the smartphone market is also  volatile right now, you preferred to wait.
  • Your old BlackBerry still works fine.

Are there any other pros and cons?  Please leave your opinion in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Top Best Reasons to Buy or Sell BlackBerry Z10 or Q10”

  1. Our Z10 always works. Sign to WIFI at the mall, no sweat, Tim Horton's, anywhere. 4g at the lake, just fine. Internet hotspot always on.

    Most of the above is true for our IPHONE. None of it applies to our Samsung Galaxy.

  2. I phone is for kids. BlackBerry is for business people. I think security is more important Then apps. That is how these companies make money. Sucking the kids into paying for apps .o

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