Moto X On Sale 2Day @Sprint - Moto X Facebook Coloring

Sprint announced that they will start selling the 16GB Moto X, today in woven black or woven white for $199.99 with an instant discount for those who switch numbers. Colorful customization features including color and storage options will be available in the "coming months.MotoX

The Moto X features Android 4.2.2, Jelly Bean. The Moto X has specialty software features. To activate the camera you twist your wrist twice for Quick Capture by touching the screen. The curved back and 4.7" screen size is for one-handed operation.

It's a world band phone with mobile hotspots. The Moto X features:

  • Touchless Control – Without touching the phone at all, users can check the weather, get directions.
  • Active Display – Information qappears on the screen to tell customers what they need to know.
  • Quick Capture – Just with two twists of the wrist, Moto X is ready to shoot.
  • Motorola Connect – Provides in-browser notifications.
  • Motorola Migrate - Migrate call logs, text messages, pictures and music from an old Android device (must be Android 2.2, Froyo or above) to Moto X.
  • Dual Cameras: 10 MP rear-facing camera with LED flash,
    4 X digital zoom and video capture, 2 MP front-facing with
    video capture.
  • Sprint Music Plus, a full-featured music store and player for music tracks, ringtones, and ringback tones, including millions of DRM-free music tracks and tones updated daily

The Moto X's configuration of parts makes for cheaper and cuter phone.

Sprint is now in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS holder and smashed the record for the number of cellular phones recycled in one week: 103,582 cellular phones to be exact, more than double the existing record.

The MotoMaker customization program has gone to Facebook and lets you pick Moto X colors from Facebook albums with the Moto Match Facebook app.


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  1. So it actually launched at $100 instead which is a much better deal. Compared to prepaid however, it breaks down pretty quickly to a pretty crappy deal. Not to mention Sprint's network which is only good in very specific areas.

    Sprint: $100 (phone) + $110 (unlimited plan) x 24 month = $2740
    T-Mobile prepaid: $200 (nexus 4) + $70 (unlimited prepaid plan) x 24 months = $1880

    Result: $860 more for Sprint and lock-down for 24 months.

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