Android Ruled U.S. iPhone Increased T-Mobile Smartphones

Android ruled in the Untied States, where Androids lead the way with 51.5% of sales in the three months ending in August.  iPhones increased 5.4% over last year in the same time frame with 39.3%f sales, reported Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Verizon maintained 37.1% of smartphone market share, leading the market with a growth of 6.9%. AT&T came ins second with 21.7% and Sprint with 14.6%.

Windows Phone remained at 3% while BlackBerry decreased to 1.8% of sales.

More iOS T-Mobile than Before

At T-Mobile customers who bought an iPhone in the August period, 56% of those consumers came from another smartphone, including 38.5% from an Android device.Kantarfigures

For the three months ending August 2013, the iPhone 5 remained the top-selling smartphone at T-Mobile, with 17.1% of sales.

T-Mobile grew to 13.2% of smartphone sales in the U.S. market in the 3 month period ending August 2013.

T-Mobile's un-carrier plans appear to working with smartphones offered at a cheaper down payment and payments over 24 months with lower priced plans. Both the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 can be bought by paying $99 and then motnhly payments.

In general, T-Mobile is the least expensive major carrier for iPhone models when you calculate the price of the phone and two years of service.  The cheapest prepaid carrier for an iPhone is Virgin Mobile. In fact they have the iPhone 4 for $199.


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