BlackBerry Messenger Tips Chat Widget, PIN, Chats & Contacts

BlackBerry has posted videos showing some tips and tricks for using BlackBerry Messenger on other devices. (videos follow) BBM currently has over 2o million users on iPhone and Android apps and 60 million BlackBerry users.For BlackBerry Messenger users on Android, using the Android app, BlackBerry has added a widget for the home screen. You find the widget in the apps page under the widget's tab.With the BBM chat widget on your home screen you can watch the chat without opening up the chat.

The widget shows recent BBM message chats and offers a button to open BBM messenger quickly. Tap the back key to return to the home screen when you are done.

With BBM Chats you know when it has been delivered you get a D and when it's read it shows an "R."  After the message is read, you can see when they are writing back.

For mulit-person chats, You can quickly add a bunch of people in your chat. At the top of the app you can see all the people in your chat.

BBM "Updates" lets  you can see when your  contacts update their photo or status. BBM lets you share pictures, when you are in the app you send a picture or voice note with a message.

To add new people to your BBM contact list, you can scan the someone's pin barcode.  If someone has shared their pin, you just type in.  With BBM both parties have to agree to message. You can check for invites within in the app.

BM uses a PIN to help protect your privacy and control the info you share. With a BBM PIN, you don't have to give up personal info like your email or phone number to become contacts.


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