Responsive Theme CyberChimps Pro Review (Part-Two)

BFThurstrafficThis is a part-two of the review, I wrote of the CyberChimps Pro Theme.  In the review, I chronicled why responsive themes have become more important over the years.  I am pleased that CyberChimps has updated their theme framework, today, because I need a new responsive theme for some new projects, soon.

Our busiest time of year is the week before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. One year, our former webhost went down on Black Friday and that's when we left and found  the great Liquid Web.

On Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Black Friday 2013 we saw the highest use of tablets and mobile devices which was 46.4 % of Wireless and Mobile News readers.

We think that after dinner or while shopping in stores, people searched for the best deals on their smartphones and tablets. We gave them the information they needed in a format that they could read on any device.

We covered the be best online deals at Best Buy in which buyers online that picked up products in-store, received up to a $50 coupon code. It is possible that shoppers bought through their mobile devices and then in turn picked-up their merchandize and a $50 coupon to buy accessories, later.

CyberChimps and its dedication to responsive themes enables us to provide for all types of devices for readers. As more and more people use their smartphone or tablet as a primary Internet device, they need to be able to view websites quickly and easily.