Watch Out the Grinch Wants to Steal & Unlock Your iPhone4/4S/5/5S, iPad, Tablet & Samsung Galaxy S

puppymessWhile you are traveling, visiting and partying over the holiday, please what out for you data because criminals are looking to steal your flashy new devices, data and even your identity. Although unlocking iPhones from your carrier just got easy, criminals have a way to unlock them and also sell on the black market locked. If you don't have device insurance and your iPhone or smartphone gets stolen, you lose your discount and may be stuck paying full price for a new one.

There is a very high theft rate of new smartphones and tablets.

If you don't have backups of your photographs, music and files on your iPhone and it gets stolen those photos could be gone for ever.  It is also very important to have a backup of your contacts.

Trend Micro and Wireless and Mobile News Suggest that Before Before Going Out

  • Backup and take inventory of data on devices such as photos, bank accounts, business or personal documents.
  • Android users make sure that you have registered your Google Android Device Manager for device locate, Android manager (t0 ring phone to find it) and data erase.
  • iPhone owners, be sure you have your Apple ID and password some place other than your iPad or iPhone so that you wipe the data if anything is stolen. You can of course use the Find My iPhone function as long as you have enabled MobileMe.
  • For computers be sure to update all software, run a full malware scan and install a firewall before leaving.
  • To be safe disable Bluetooth and automatic Wi-Fi connection settings
  • Check for virtual private network (VPN) software that encrypts network data transfers.
  • Lock laptops, smartphones  and iPhones with passwords or fingerprints.
  • Do not post on social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter,  your specific travel plans, dates or destinations

While Traveling

  • Don't assume that public Wi-Fi networks are secure
  • Never use online bank accounts or make online purchases over public Wi-Fi networks.
  • If you use public Wi-Fi be Make sure to log out of accounts,dlear browser histories and cookies and don't enter private bank or credit card information.
  • When you get home change your passwords and scan for malware.
  • A very gooey, non-removable label with a return address could be very helpful for returning lost items, especially since many people no longer have landlines.

    While  Your Toys Out and About

  • Keep an eye on their devices, don't leave a laptop on the table while going to the restroom.
  • Lock  your devices with cable locks or other means.
  • Avoid sharing financial information over the phone.
  • Make your bags look really shabby, scratch up the case, or cover devices with hard-to-remove stickers to make them more work to sell if stolen.  I personally engraved my name on the keyboard on a laptop with a razor.
  • Use locks for bags.

If you are drinking alcohol, you would ask a friend to be a designated driver, we suggest that when traveling, shopping or doing way to much, ask friends to look our for device safety too.

Also after opening up gifts on floors, remember small children and dogs may gain access to your devices, they could steal them, drop them, chew them or throw them out into the snow.

Please have safe and happy holidays.