Samsung Galaxy S5 (GS 5) Review of Reviews & News & Cheapest Best Deals

VerizonSGS5Today is the launch date for the new Samsung Galaxy S5, let's see the latest news and first look reviews are saying.  We were able to find some discounts and deals online and in stores.

Previous ads for other Samsung Galaxy products pointed how absurd the iSheep are when they stand in long lines.  Today they were long lines for the Galaxy S5 buyers in Rotterdam (Holland) Singapore, Melbourne (Australia) and South Korea.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S5 commercial promotes its latest features, water resistance, faster autofocus and download booster.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 when it was launched showed that it had a special downloading features called Download Booster that combines Wi-Fi and LTE for faster downloading, the feature only works in the United States with  T-Mobile, it is disabled on other carriers. The Verizon Wireless GS5 doesn’t support using the phone’s fingerprint scanner to authorize PayPal transactions.

Reviews are positive and range from naming it Editors' Choice (PCMag) to claiming it is a minor upgrade from the Galaxy S4, launched last year.

The best features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 are:

  • Higher resolution camera 16MP with simpler software design.
  • Rugged water and dust resistance.
  • Fast processor.
  • Gorgeous 5.1" brighter 1080p Super AMOLED screen that works with a stylus.
  • Removable battery and expandable microSD slot.
  • Remote control for TVs and electronics.

Reviewers in general don't like the plastic leather-like case and inaccurate fingerprint scanner.

If you are an international traveler the SG S5 is locked to the region where you buy. If you want to insert a SIM from another carrier in another region it requires a phone call to use with SIMs from other region. 'To use SIM cards from other regions, a cumulative call over five minutes must first be made with the SIM card from European operators,” Samsung reported.

The price of Samsung stock went down due to profit warnings, concerns about factory conditions and a temporary ban of sales in South Korea.

Best Cheapest Deals Today for Samsung Galaxy S5

The best prices for the Samsung Galaxy S5 appears to be the buy one get one free from Verizon Wireless, online which makes the price per GS 5 with contract $99.99 each.(1st phone: $249.99 2yr price-$50 mail-in rebate debit card. Free phone: $50 2yr price-$50 mail-in rebate debit card. New 2yr activation req'd per phone. Now through 4/20. FREE Overnight Shipping! )

However, the cheapest price for individual Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones for in store purchases is $168 with a two year contract for Verizon or AT&T in Walmart stores or Sam's Club.

Target is offering a guaranteed $100 trade-in for iPhones and Samsung smartphones other smartphones may not bring $100 such as the BlackBerry 9920 is only $12.00.

We suspect Best Buy will have offers in the near future Samsung Galaxy S 5 that is now available.

You can also get $0 down on the all-new Galaxy S 5 when you start a Framily plan, and get the Galaxy Tab 3 for free (OAC. Restrictions apply).  You will pay full price for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Developers will soon be able to buy a developer edition of the Galaxy S5 that works with the Verizon network. It will have the same specifications but will easier for developers to create programs.