Verizon Wireless Black Friday Deals Live $200 off iPad when you buy an iPhone

BlackFridayCyberMondaydeals2104According to our sources many of the best Verizon Wireless Black Friday deals will be  live Wednesday in time for Connection Day, providing more connections with 1GB data for visiting and an extra 1GB a month on your plan. At midnight Verizon Wireless will reveal its Black Friday deals and you can start shopping. The Connection Day clock seamed to be set to Central Time. People in the western states can try earlier.

It seems like no matter where you go you are going to get a great deal on the Samsung Galaxy S5. According to leaked documents if you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5, it will be free (after a $50 rebate) Black Friday  (it will be live on Thanksgiving). If you can't get to the Verizon Wireless website, Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy S5  in four colors(black, white, gold and blue) and it is in stock. The GS 5 has sold out for $1 at Amazon.com for Verizon Wireless Only.

In the meantime we are found  these special deals Connection Day, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Deals:

Update Sunday November 30: We checked our links and you get $200 off an iPad when you buy an iPhone with two contracts.

Best Verizon Wireless Sunday Deal:

Buy an iPhone and get $200 off an iPad (New 2yr activation req'd), we thought it was $100 off, $200 is a lot better deal,

All weekend long (including Black Friday):

  • $100 Off Android Smartphones.
  •  Moto X ( Leather) – Free with contract.
  •  FREE LG G Pad-  (new 2-year  activation required).
  • FREE Sony Xperia Z 3v(new 2 year activation required) this advanced smartphone, usually costs $199.99 with a contract.  It is water proof and allows you to play PS4 games on it. It has a 5.2" touchscreen, i-Res Audio and DSEE HX, which improves low-res audio and can shoot 4K video.
  •  DROID Turbo – $99 (after $100 discount)
  •  Buy an iPhone and get $200 off an iPad (New 2yr activation req'd) Black Friday - Weekend only.

Verizon Wireless Accessory and Wearable Deals:

  •  LG G Watch – $99 (after $130 discount)
  • Nest Learning Thermostat – $199 ($50 discount)
  • Galaxy S5 S-View Flip covers – $19 (after $30 discount).
  • Beats Solo 2 Wired on-ear headphones – $149 (after $50 discount)
  •  Parrot Drone 2.0 Elite – $249 (after $50 discount)
  • More Gifts under $100 from Verizon Wireless.

Black Friday Only Verizon Wireless Deals:

    • Samsung Galaxy S5 –FREE SG5 Galaxy (new two-year activation required) NOTE This ends Friday, if you lose out on it the SG S5 is sold-out at Amazon, but sill available at Best Buy for $1.
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – $199.
    • FREE Ellipsis 7  (with 2 year activation) This tablet usually costs $49.99 with a contract.

New Device for Kids Too Young for a Cell Phone

GizmoPal $79.99 - GizmoPal by LG is designed for children who are too young for a cell phone. It lets kids make calls from two approved numbers and receive calls two more registered users.  A smartphone app allows the parents to locate the child.  GizmoPal comes in Blue or Pink with fun sounds.  It's about the size of a watch and is worn on the wrist for kids four years or older. Parents who are worried that your child won’t answer can set the Auto-answer feature to prevent missed calls. Parents can receive location notifications at scheduled times, such as when the youngster arrives home on the school bus. Families can add GizmoPal to The MORE Everything Plan for $5 monthly access.

Parents should be forewarned  The GizmoPal band hast to be turned on and have a wireless network signal. Locating the band can take up to 2 minutes. The location information provided is an approximate location of the GizmoPal band and results are not guaranteed.

 Cyber Monday Deals from Verizon Wireless start on Sunday November 30 and go through Cyber Monday with double LG LG Deal:

Verizon Wireless Connection Day is Wednesday, November 26, when Verizon offers free digital content from Amazon(10 songs),  2 audio books from Audible, 10 free Amazon apps, free Conde Nast magazines, in-fight Wi-Fi, and will add additional data on your Verizon Wireless plans for free.