Moto X Costs Less the Galaxy S4 > iPhone 5 With SG SIII Chips---

2013-08-28_Motorola-Moto-X_BOMThe Moto X is being touted as one of the only smartphones assembled in the United States, in Texas which makes it cost slightly more to make than the iPhone 5. In order to make a less expensive smartphone, Motorola takes a lower subsidy from the carriers and combined several processors that have been used on other devices and that are cheaper.

The total cost of materials of the Moto X amounts to $214, according to preliminary results from IHS Inc. and  $12 to manufacture with the total cost to produce the Moto X at $226.

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Moto X News: Design Online, VZW Release Date-- Dev Edition-

MotoXdeveloperedThere were several Moto X announcements from AT&T, Moto Maker and Verizon Wireless. The Moto X Developer Edition is coming soon.

Moto Maker for Moto X is now open for direct orders for AT&T with colors and customized details: the front, back, accents, memory, wallpapers, accessories and Google ID information preloaded. Without a contract it sells for $579 for the 16GB version. It takes four business days without engraving to ship. Engraving was halted due to technical problems.

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Moto X to Google Play - Like Nexus 4? Update to Android 4.3 Later, She Said Sexy

MotoXsexyThe Moto X and Google relationship is confusing at best.  Google owns Motorola and doesn't give the company any special privileges, but will make sell a  Moto X  Google Play Edition at some point. There were some "touchy ads" that didn't go over well.

The Moto X will not ship with the latest version of Android, because Google did not give Motorola access to Android 4.3 until it was revealed with the new Nexus 7, last month. However, Google will be paying for the $500 million bill to promote the Moto X.

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