It's Official Pres Obama Keeps His BlackBerry with Security Enhancements

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President Barack Obama's spokeskman has confirmed the new US president is keeping is BlackBerry for limited personal use and communication with senior staff.

president has a BlackBerry through a compromise that allows him to stay
in touch with senior staff and a small group of personal friends," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday.

said the president will limit its use, and security has been enhanced
to ensure that Obama can communicate in a way that's secure.

"He believes that it's a way of keeping in touch with folks, a way of doing it outside of getting stuck in a bubble..." noted Gibbs.

Emails sent or received by the president will
be subject to the Presidential Records Act of 1978,
which requires that a record be kept of all White House communication. 

We can just imagine what they'll say. We're wondering about MMS and if he will be sending photos of a dog to Sasha and Malea.