WAAV Router Wi-Fis Presidental Inagural Train

WAAV, said Amtrak selected the
AirBox X4 multiple-connection 3G cellular router to
provide wireless Internet service to the Presidential inaugural
train.Multiple WAAV
will be keeping the President-elect, guests, and press
connected to the Internet while in transit, allowing them to check
email, message supporters, surf the Internet, and check for the
latest online news stories.

Amtrak officials tested WAAV's AirBox late
last year and recently chose WAAV's latest product, the AirBox X4,
the world's first quad connection cellular router, for Presidential

Brian J. Smith, president of WAAV, Inc. "The
team at Amtrak has worked diligently to make this happen, and we are
thankful to be a part of this project." WAAV is a leading provider
of wireless Internet to the mass transit industry, having been
chosen recently by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority to
provide wireless Internet on Boston's commuter rail in addition to
providing mobile WiFi services for many other mass transit
authorities.There is not word yet, if Obama's BlackBerry has Wi-Fi and if he will surfing the net while riding to Washington.

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