Android Apps 2Day: Layar Reality Browser Adds Info to Photos Where U At

layarworlwidehotelbooking.jpgHere's a new Android app for those seeking a new view of the world,  Layar. They call it "augmented reality." The Layar app is now available around the world.

Layar displays digital information on top of what you see through your phone's camera. It brings new meaning to the question "Where U at?"

Layar created the basis (an API that uses the GPS information from the phone) from which other developers added a layer of information.  After you point the camera, the app will give information about the place. There are icons on the photo and information on he bottom of the
screen. By clicking, you can view more information, maps/directions
and make a phone call to the contact if applicable.

Worldwide features include hotel-finding/booking, event ticket buying, the world's first LBS graphic novel, user-submitted celebrity sightings, restaurants, a reality quiz game,  Google local search, Wikipedia articles and Yelp.

The one we are waiting cross-legged for, is a public toilet/loo locator Layar. Right Ladies?

Layer apps in Netherlands include real estate prices, tourist points of
interest (hotels, zoos, museums, etc.), places to park, history tours,
skating spots, rain data, post offices, banks, Mazda dealers and
business listings.

In Japan, there are app layers to find a
defribrillator, bus stops, train stations, refueling stops,
hotels/lodging, tourist spots, movies, theaters, plays, and stores.

Seattle you can find a nearby bus stop. In Paris and New York City,
viewers can see 'Poetry in Motion" related to place.  There's a "Art
Walk" app layer for Dusseldorf Germany. You can get information about
trails at Purdue University.

Other interesting uses include
mobile coupons, University Tours, area-rating, FlcikAR photos and
TweetMondo Twitter search nearby.

Brightkite is app that claims it makes it easy to meet people based on the places you go. In
real-time, you can browse profiles of people around you, see what your
friends are up to, post photos and notes to places, all while
maintaining comprehensive control over your privacy.

Layar is pre-installed on the new Samsung Galaxy Android phone in the Netherlands and is available through Android Market.

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