Top Ten Best Summer Fun Free BlackBerry Storm Apps 2Day

The sun is shinning, the kids are out of school. If you are lucky enough to have a job and go on vacation with your BlackBerry Storm here are some fun and useful apps for your BlackBerry Storm for summer fun.

  • bWatchDoggy - if you leave your BlackBerry Storm on the chez lounge while you are in the pool or making maragaritas, first install and then turn on bWatch Doggy. Once this app is activated if some on picks up your BlackBerry Storm, A loud dog-barking sound is played when the device is moved a barking dog sound is played. To stop the barking, swipe your finger on the screen to the right. The app description states, "This will surely scare the person away who touches your BlackBerry Try it, it's fun and free!
  • StormTorch: this handy free app brings clean white light and turns the BlackBerry Storm into a flashlight. StormTorch will turn on your screen as well as the led light very brightly.
  • Shortcovers eBook Reader this
    cloud-based reader app gives you access to the Shortcovers service with
    an eBook store that offers some free eBooks. The Shortcovers service
    allows readers to read thousands of bestselling books, chapters, news
    and magazine articles, short stories, blog posts and more, online and on your BlackBerry. Members 
    can bookmark and save books, chapters, articles and stories, plus
    build a digital library and rate, comment and share favorite reads
    with your friends and family.  (Available for Storm, Bold, Curve, 8000 Series Blackberry devices.)
  • Audible - users can shop, sample, download, and playback audio from Audible's catalog of over 60,000 titles, right on a BlackBerry.  When you download the BlackBerry apps for a limite time, you get a  free download of Hot, Flat, and Crowded," the best seller by author and syndicated columnist Thomas Friedman.

ClearChannel (iheartradio) - Listen over 350 of
America's favorite radio stations which include KFI AM, KFAN, Z100,
WGCI and KIIS FM with this app your BlackBerry Storm.

Slacker Radio allows users to listen to music in stereo and lets you look up a station based on a favorite song or
band, or you can listen any of the  128 preset stations programmed by
professionals.  The stations can be customized it by approving,
disapproving or skipping songs. Laptop Magazine named Slacker Radio "Best of CES."

WHERE is a free a location-based mobile application which provides information about places around you. WHERE on the BlackBerry Storm
comes  with GasBuddy, Starbucks, weather, news and Traffic. It also has
widgets for, events, Yelp(with restaurant reviews), Yellow Pages, movie
times, news,and WHERE wall(a forum.)

Upvise -  Upvise makes it easy to sync information between your mobile phone and your web account.

Nickel Buddy - could be a totally useless summer game until you need to make a decision and don't have a coin to toss..To play Nickel Buddy Coin Toss
press a key or tap the screen (on Storm) to flip a coin. The animated
coin randomly lands on heads or tails. It also displays number of heads
or tails results.

RealPlayerSP - has a handy way to copy your video file from your PC to your BlackBerry so that you can view them in the correct format.

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