Top Ten Best Free BlackBerry Tour Apps (So Far)

BestFreeBlackBerryTourAppssoFAR.jpgThe BlackBerry Tour has had record sales for Verizon and is readily available on Sprint.  After you become accustomed to using the basic functions of the BlackBerry Tour, you can enhance your experience with free apps.

We've rounded up the best free top BlackBerry Tour apps so far and we will be periodically writing about new BlackBerry Tour apps as they appear.

WorldMate Live - helps users plan and manage trips at home and on the
road, with instant access to travel tools and resources, making travel
hassle-free. Features include email notifications of flight changes/delays, flight/hotel search/booking, mapping/directions and reminders.

Music/Radio Apps
Slacker Radio - lets you listen to over 100 expert-programmed stations and an unlimited
number of listener generated stations whether you are connected to a
network or not. Slacker Radio caches the stream of audio and stores it on the memory card.

flycast.jpgFlyCast - FlyCast claims to have more radio stations than any other Internet radio
or satellite platform with 1200 stations. There is a free version and a premium version the premium version allows for caching.

pandoralogo.jpgPandora Internet Radio -Pandora creates radio stations
based on songs and artists that you likeu, based on algorithms from the
Music Genome Project. Pandora Radio streams the songs to your BlackBerry Tour.

Feel-Goodies-icon2.pngFun Goodies/Lifestyle
this free feel-good app reminds you how wonderful you really are.
Click through positive empowering sayings to feel better about
yourself. "An app to give or receive that can't go wrong."

TweetCaster - a feature-packed Twitter BlackBerry App with URL shortening, photo sharing, click-quick replies, GPS friend-locator and breaking trend topics. Note: this app is free as long as you tweet about it once.

GPS / Mapping
Google Maps - Google Maps for BlackBerry looks and feels like the PC/Web version. It provides driving and transit directions. There is also
phone number search for phone numbers and addresses of local businesses with dialing built-in.


nogago  -  this app connects to the GPS in your BlackBerry
smartphone and then keeps track of your travels, speed and how far you
went during outdoor activities. It also helps you navigate on along prerecorded tracks.

poyntlogo.jpgPoynt - Poynt is a featured-packed 411 that uses the BlackBerry GPS, cell-site-location and input to find businesses, and events near where you are.

WHERE - WHERE is a GPS location-based service that helps you find people, places and things. There are widgets fro  News, Weather,
Gas Station Locator, Yelp & Eventful, plus many more. WHERE's
networking venue, the WHERE Wall is also available on the BlackBerry Tour

Extra Beta App:

Thumbnail image for bolt_logo.jpg

BOLT Mobile Browser Beta 3 - consistently at least 25 to 50 percent
faster than competitors. The WebKit based BOLT browser offers ultra-fast
viewing of streaming and flash video, high standards compliance, rich
media, and graphics enabling people to view websites just as they do on a

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