Free BlackBerry (Storm, Bold, Tour, Pearl, Curve) & J2ME Apps 2Day: Feel-Goodies

BestFreeBlackBerryTourFeel-Goodies.jpgIs life getting you down and you need a quick lift? Get this free BlackBerry app from Aproprose, Feel-Goodies. Launch the Feel-Goodies app and you will be reminded how wonderful you really are. One of our readers pointed out, “it’s a simple app for complicated people.”

A satisfied user is quoted on the Feel-Goodies website as saying, “The Feel-Goodies
app demonstrates why the word “app” is in h-app-y.” 

There’s something endearing about this cellular caffeine for self esteem. Click through to get compliments that negate the negatives and position yourself in the positive. This app is not only a game shifter for mobile apps but an attitude shifter too.

Currently, there is only the free version of Feel-Goodies, while a paid version with a year’s supply of Feel-Goodies is in works. You can send a link or SMS, your BFF for her to get a free Feel-Goodies app right from within the application. Wireless and Mobile News was fortunate to get a first look at an app that can’t go wrong.

The good news for BlackBerry owners is that the Feel-Goodies app runs on almost all BlackBerry smartphone Models including BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, 8800 series, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Tour and BlackBerry Storm.

In a world where everything today seems to be a downer, it’s great to see a downloadable app that uplifts and entertains. It’s also a lot easier than sending a greeting card.

Besides BlackBerry there are ton of feature and basic phones you can get the Feel-Goodies app for including the LG Vu, LG Rumor and LG Shine.  The list of Samsung phones is also impressive with the Samsung Eternity, Samsung Omnia and Samsung Instinct.  Owners of  all kinds of Motorola phones including RAZR phones can also feel-good about Feel-Goodies app availability. Popular Sony Walkman phones are also supported. You can check a full list of Feel-Goodies phone compatibilty here. You can also view a video demo of the beta version of Feel-Goodies at the very bottom of this article.

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