Palm News: webOS Apps Browsable on Web - Free Pixi 4 Holidays


You can now browse Palm Pre webOS apps from your computer. The online webOS app catalog shows apps classified by categories.

Palm has announced a free Pixi promotion where users can gt a free Palm Pixi.
Sign up to be notified when Palm Pixi is available ("in time for the holidays"),
and you'll receive an email with all the vital details -- along with
info on how to enter to win one of 25 free Palm Pixi phones that Palm is giving away. The Palm Pixi is expected to be sold by Verizon or other major carriers.

The Palm Pre has been listed on the Popular Mechanics list of "The 10 Most Brilliant Products of 2009." Palm recently released the webOS 1.2.1 update with many new syncable features. Customers are very satisfied with the Palm Pre and it received excellent reviews for its almost physic syncing abilities across apps and social networks.

The Best of Palm Pre Apps their Applications and Accessories.