BlackBerry Storm2 Watch: Display Models @ Best Buy & Verizon Stores

BlackBerryStorm2 Suretype.jpgUntrue rumors suggested that there would be some kind of Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 announcement today. Unfortunately a release date has not be officially release.  We do now know that the Verizon BlackBerry2 release must be soon because non-working show-models are showing up at Best Buy stores and Verizon stores.

Now, the predictors think the BlackBerry Storm2 will go on sale in early November.  There were reports of it showing up on the Verizon website which we couldn't find.

The BlackBerry Storm2 interactive user guide is now available on the RIM website, it has animated turn pages. It shows how to use the SureType (two letters per key) in portrati mode. MultiTap only works in portrait mode you can hold down the shift key and tap the letter key key to capitalize words. It shows you how to perform the funcitons on the BlackBerry Storm2.

Reviewers liked the improvements over the first gen BlackBerry Storm and the addition of Wi-Fi.  Everything is faster and the touchscreen keyboard is much more responsive.

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