Android an' Droid Beta Apps: Swype Open Quick-Texter Onscreen Keyboard


If you are frustrated with onscreen Android touch keyboards, you might want to take a swipe at the open Beta Swype.

Instead of typing with your
fingers, Swype allows users to slide your fingers from key to key on a
touchscreen keyboard.
Swype was invented by the Inventor of the T9 keyboard technology for numeric keypads, Cliff Kushler,

Swype Beta for Android will be open for a limited time - probably a few days. Swype comes in In English, Spanish, and Italian. It has limited features because some key features of Swype require OEM integration. Note that HVGA and WVGA Resolutions will be detected automatically. There is limited user support through a forum.

If your phone came pre-installed with Swype, do not download the
beta (it won't work)

You register with an email address you can access via your mobile 
and they send you a link to download Swype.
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