Android an' Droid Apps: Open Spot Crowd-Sourced Parking Space Finder

open-spot1-parking space ap.png

Open Spot is a crowd-sourced app to share the parking spot wealth or to get help finding parking spaces on your Android phone.

Open Spot shows parking spots located within a ~1.5 kilometer (km) / ~.9 mile (mi) radius of your location. As you move, Open Spot will automatically refresh to show you parking spots within a ~1.5 km / ~.9 radius of where you currently are.

The Red pins are freshly-marked spots.
while orange pins are spots marked over 5 minutes ago. Then yellow pins are spots marked over 10 minutes ago.

Parking spots are removed from the map after 20 minutes.

Although 20 minutes is a long time for a parking spot to stay open in
places where parking is hard to find, they think that knowing where
someone has recently left a parking spot might be useful information.
You may not see open  parking spots, because there may not be enough Open
users in your area.

The labs motto, "Remember, it's a big parking lot out there, but you
are not alone." They also say, "The more open spots you mark, the more
parking 'karma points' you'll get."

Download Open
from via scanning a code or in Android Market.

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