Top Ten Best Data Use Features of Droid X - Why Users Use 5X Xtra Droid Data


Droid X owners are consuming  five times more data than any other smartphone on the Verizon

network, according to Jennifer Byrne, a business development executive director
at Verizon. Why? Because the Droid X is packed with apps and features that create an endless appetite for data use and more data.

Let's see the top features of the Droid X that make Droid X users love data so much.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Service
- Droid X users can create up to 5 mobile hotspots to share their data with their friends or other devices. This crowd-sourcing of 3G adds a ton of datatliscious possibilities.

The large 4.3 (WVGA 854 x 480) inch touchscreen
- makes users crave for video in fact it ships with a BlockBuster app for video on demand on the Droid X.  YouTube Videos look clear.

HDMI Video Out Cable Capable - Droid users with an HDMI
cable can play V CAST Video on an external HD TV or monitor.

Data Download Speeds
- most
of the Droid X found data download speeds to fast
and excellent.

GPS Mapping   - the Google Maps and
Google Navigation are great ways to get around, with voice directions
and local businesses. They also consume data when connected to search.

- Droid X has a launcher for Google Latitude that that
shows where friends are nearby. It also lets Droid Xers share their
locations with their friends and associates.

Built in
YouTube Player
- the Droid X has a great built-in YouTube
player for easy viewing and searching of videos.

Social Networking Widgets
- the Droid X has widgets for Facebook, Twitter and MySpace that can be setup to constantly look at updates and deliver them. 

Media Share
lets Droid X users share media content--photos, videos, and tunes--with
friends and family. Tunes on the Droid X can be played on a external sound system. Others can access data from from the Droid X via a Wi-Fi connection, user can upload or downlaod media via Wi-Fi to another device. Users can also allow other devices to access media files on the Droid X without downloading any media from your phone, other people can view your pictures or videos, or play your songs, on their own. With a powerful feature like this, it makes Droid X users to put more big data media files on their Droid X

The Full HTML Browser - allows for up to 8 open browsers and
pinch to
zoom. Droid X users can be using the web and all the above aforementioned services all at once, using so much more data than anyone else. This can also cause battery drain which can be saved with apps and settings.

Contributing Causes
Data Addiction - like an alcoholic who needs more and more alcohol to get high, new Droid X users become addicted to their email, video, constant news feeds and daily doses of Wireless of Mobile News. Tunes on the Droid X can be played on a external sound system.