Pay Your Bills on Smartphones: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone


Bank customers will soon be able to pay paper bills by simply snapping pictures of the bills with their smartphones by Mobile Photo Bill Pay, Mitek Systems announced today.

The new Mobile Photo Bill Pay platform allows users to take a photo of their bills; then the software corrects image distortion, reads relevant data and processes the transactions through the users' banks.

After establishing online-bill-payment arrangements as part of their banking, cash management or credit union accounts, users of Mobile Photo Bill Pay can initiate e-bill-payment sessions on their smartphones; then snap photos of the bills they want to pay, verify the payment information and click on the app's "PAY" button.

The application allows financial institutions to give their customers a new option for paying their bills.  For example, during a stop for coffee between appointments, a busy consultant could use his iPhone to point, shoot and pay bills for his office rent and professional association membership fees.

Comment from Wireless and Mobile News:  We are wondering which takes
more time - taking a photo of a bill or entering the payee and amount
through the bill paying software for the bank.  Touch typists would
probably be faster. but many non-typists and bill-paying haters should love the Mobile Photo Bill Pay
app.  Mitek also makes mobile check-deposit apps for iPhone, BlackBerry,
Windows Mobile and Android.  Taking a photo of a check surely takes less
time than a trip to the bank.

Mitek is now discussing the distribution of Mobile Phone Bill Pay with a number of leading banks, integrators of technology solutions and application service providers for the financial services industry.

At launch, Mobile Photo Bill Pay is available for mobile applications for iPhone devices from Apple, with Mitek soon supporting a number of other smartphones and operating systems, including BlackBerry, and devices that run on the Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platforms.

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