Samsung Galaxy S Update Finally: Samsung Epic 4G 3G-Fix Update Live

Thumbnail image for samsungEpic4g.jpgSprint finally began rolling out the over-the-air (OTA) update for the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Epic 4G on Monday.  The upgrade was delayed due to administrative problems.

Before you start the update, be sure that you have at least 40% battery power and that you have a backup of your data, just in case.  You will not be able to make emergency phone calls during the update.

The update S:D700.0.5S.DI18 fixes the reported cap on 3G upload speeds, problems with Wi-Fi, standby battery drain and the lag in large email upload speed.  After the update, Amazon MP3 files will download via 4G connections.

This OTA will be pushed in stages and will be rolled out to users over several days.

Users receive a notification.  A System update screen promps the user to 'Install now' or 'Install later'.  If 'Install later' is selected, a reminder will be sent once or twice a day to install the update.  If 'Install now' is selected, the phone will power down and reboot.

The update will take approximately 7-8 minutes to download and 7-8 minutes to install. 

It is not the update to Android 2.2 with 22 enhancements.

The Samsung Epic 4G must be on software version DI07 to perform the update to DI18.  If you are still on DG17 or DG27, a Sprint Service and Repair Center should be able to update your Samsung Epic 4G to DI07.  The update from DI07 to DI18 is not yet available to the Service and Repair Centers.

The Samsung Epic 4G received excellent reviews and is the only Samsung Galaxy S smartphone to have full slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  The Epic has a front-facing camera for video conferencing and uses Sprint's 4G data network for faster data streams.  It also has a camera flash and mobile Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities (unlimited for $29.99 a month).  4G connectivity to WiMAX comes from a ANADIGICS AWT6264 chipset.

The T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant update to Froyo has been delayed, and there is no word yet on when all the Samsung Galaxy S phones will get updated to Froyo.

We will be exploring the Samsung Galaxy S phone series in future articles.  Check the Samsung Glaxy S page to see when they appear.