Top Ten Best Coolest Hottest Smartphones: Droid X, iPhone, Samsung Epic 4G & EVO 4G Tops

TopTenBestCoolestSmarpthones2010finalwithlogoheader.jpgThis year has been the year of Android, Droid and Samsung Galaxy S.  The top three best coolest hottest smartphones of the year come from the Android cosmos, except for one.  Last year, the word Droid entered the lexicon and made it to the very top of consciousness.  While watching summer Shakespeare in the park this summer, our editor heard one groundling say to the another, who had gotten lost en route, "Get a Droid!." 

Let's see how the winners ranked.

Third Place Wireless and Mobile News' Top Ten Best Smartphones Review of Reviews:

3. HTC EVO 4G Sprint - with WiMAX high-speed
data, video viewing, huge 4.3" touchscreen, this Android smartphone with HTC Sense, sold out early.  Reviewers called it "everything a geek could dream of."  Features of HTC EVO 4G include an 8-megapixel
video-capture-capable camera and a front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera for
video chat.

Second Place Wireless and Mobile News' Top Ten Best Smartphones Review of Reviews:

2. Samsung Epic 4G Sprint - this multimedia Samsung Galaxy S Phone powerhouse was rated well by reviewers.  Reviewers raved about the gorgeous Super AMOLED touchscreen, large comfy 5-row keyboard, magnificent media
features, fast processor and super fast WiMAX data connections.  There is an added monthly fee of $10 for WiMAX service.  Amazon Wireless, as of this writing, is selling it for $99 for new customers with a contract.  Wirefly offers the Epic at a discount.

First Place in Wireless and Mobile News' Top Ten Best Smartphones Review of Reviews was a tie, showing that Android an' Droid are finally encroaching in Apple's iPhone dominance.

1. iPhone 4 AT&T - more computer than it is a good calling phone, it has ubiquitous notoriety.  For the first year, attenutation and network issues seem to be taking their tolls.  Reviews of the iPhone 4 are all positive with terms such as "the best iPhone, yet or ever," and slightly ahead of the superphone pack.


1. Droid X, Verizon - one of the hottest phones of the summer, reviewers called the 4.3-inch (WVGA 854 x 480) touchscreen gorgeous, beautiful and a knockout.  Given Editor's Choice by PCMag, the Droid X marks the eXcellent
spot for Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth voice dialing, video/multimedia,
great call quality with super noise cancellation, and good to great 8-megapixel camera.  Verizon is offering the Droid X as part of its buy-one-get-one-free promotion - get an
Instant Phone Rebate Only Available with Online Purchase
.  Online retailers, Amazon Wireless and Wirefly, offer it at a discount.  Read Droid X tips.

Reviews surveyed include data from PCMag, PCWorld, Consumer Reports, ZDNet, Top 10 Reviews and Laptop.

For your convenience, we have listed the contenders in order from articles we have published earlier.  We also will publish a list of the Top Ten Best Coolest Smartphones by Carriers.  The list will be preleased on Facebook because we like it when you click "Like."

4. Samsung Focus AT&T - beautifully designed with a gorgeous display and
solid 5-megapixel camera, it is the only Windows Phone to make the top of the list.  Reviewers loved the Super AMOLED touchscreen, media player, and excellent call quality.  Amazon Wireless already has discounted the price for the Samsung Focus to next to nothing with a contract.  Wirefly is offering the Samsung Focus at a super discounted Wirefly price with free activation.

5. Droid Incredible by HTC Verizon - Android smartphone with the full bells and
whistles of an 8-megapixel camera (with LED flash), 8 Gigabytes of
onboard storage, 3.7" OLED touchscreen, GPS, social-sync, FM radio and
Bluetooth.  Reviewers liked the HTCSense interface for social networking and widgets.  When the Droid Incredible was first released, it sold out within a few days.  Currently, online retailers slashed the price of the Droid Incredible to one cent, with free activation (until 1/2/11) at Amazon Wireless.  And the Droid Incredible is free online with free activation from Wirefly.

6. BlackBerry Torch AT&T - a new revamped BlackBerry with both touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard.  The BlackBerry Torch shines with social network messaging that has updates in a unified inbox.  Customer reviews rated this BlackBerry better than iPhone for support, reliability and battery life.  Amazon Wireless offers BlackBerry Torch 9800 for one cent for new customers with a contract.

7. Samsung Vibrant, Sprint - the most praised features of the Samsung Vibrant
are the super AMOLED touchscreen, preloaded entertainment (Avatar movie
and SIM 3 game) and synching abilities.  One of the first of the Samsung Galaxy S phone series, the Vibrant's price has recently been reduced by T-Mobile to $99 with a contract for the web-only discount.

Eighth Place in Wireless and Mobile News' Top Ten Best Smartphones Review of Reviews is a three-way tie.

8. T-Mobile G2, T-Mobile - this smartphone has an excellent QWERTY keyboard, speed and features.  Reviewers
loved Android 2.2, the great call quality and fast data speeds.  It sells
for $199 with a contract from T-Mobile and is discounted form Amazon Wireless.

8. Samsung Captivate, AT&T - reviewers all agreed that the Captivate captivates and called it the best Android smartphone at AT&T in August.  It has been available for one cent from Amazon Wireless and highly discounted with free activation from Wirefly.

8. LG Optimus T, T-Mobile - Free with the T-Mobile web-only discount.  This budget-minded smartphone has been highly rated for first-time smartphone buyers.

Many of the top phones were named in Wireless and Mobile News' Review of Reviews Top Ten Best Android an' Droid Phones Now an' Later.