Top 5 Most Ridiculous Strange, Bogus, Audacious Uses for Your Old iPhone 4/4S/3

iBogacious iPhone 4 Crocheted HatToday was filled with things to do with your old iPhone, like an old pair of underwear that's stained and showing signs of holes, there a still a few good uses for this used device.

We've already reported on where you get your best trade-in deals for your pre-owned iPhone 4 or 4S, now lets look at some really unusual iPhone 4/4S uses which we call our iBogacious Top Five:

  • 5. Crochet an iPhone Hat using your iPhone. Like the crocheted beer can hats from the golden days of White Trailer Park Trash, recycling an iPhone into any form of hat including baseball caps will make you seem incredibly fashionable.
  • 4. Coaster - It so obvious, but you could use your old iPhone for a coaster, iPhones aren't water proof, but they will protect your coffee table from getting nasty rings.
  • 3. Fart Monitor - some of our readers recall the early days of iPhone when there was an explosion of fart apps.  The recording function of an iPhone can  bedocked near a toilet or chair to monitor farts.  Is you really want to be pithy, use FaceTime instead. We suggest wiping the screen and your data, first.
  • 2 . Dog/Kitty Tracker - this is better used on a Rottweiler or large feline. Tie your iPhone to the roaming pet of your choice and then monitor your pet's location.  FaceTime consumes battery life but could show where Snowball gets her mice and who Bowser has been cavorting with or his means of escape.
  • 1. Reptile Ant Tongue Exerciser  - Reptiles like frogs and dragons when placed in front of an Ant/Buggy app will zap the ant with their tongues, "Now that everyone including Grandma has an iPhone isn't about time that frogs, get their chance"? said Kermit in an recent interview who also suggested downloading "The Rainbow Connection" for all reptiles and blonde pigs.

Anything else? Please let us know in the comments below. We prefer that you keep someone clean.

According to Websters dictionary bodacious means outright, unmistakable, remarkable, noteworthy or sexy.  Bogus means not genuine. iBogacious means outright and remarkably ungeniune iPhone information.


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Ridiculous Strange, Bogus, Audacious Uses for Your Old iPhone 4/4S/3”

  1. If you use your iPhone for a coaster and leave it on, it will keep your coffee or tea warm.

  2. An iPhone makes an quick egg cooker in a jam. You can also heat up tortillas with it.

  3. Use your old iPhone to iron your clothes. Let the screen heat up in the sun and then you can be wrinkeless.

  4. Don Rickles would tell you to use it as a hockey puck...Joan Rivers would say, "I hate the iPhone, it's skinnier and sexier than me."

  5. At the risk of being risqué, or just being gross, why not use it as StayWarm MaxiPad or miniPad. When the iPad came out SNL had already mand the iPad connection for that delicate time of the month.

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