Samsung Galaxy Note 2(II) News - Orders/Release Dates, Best Features & Deals

Kanye West Galaxy Note 2The Samsung Galaxy Note II is ready to fulfill your phablous phablet dream if the launch party in New York City is any indication of the media blitz forthcoming.  The Samsung Galaxy Note II has some great features and is starting to be discounted.

The big Samsung Galaxy Note II party was beyond A-List with 1,000 Samsung Facebook fans in attendance.  Kanye West performed in cloud of smoke. It has been called the best night in New York.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is now available from Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. You can also now preorder from AT&T or Verizon Wireless.

Preorders at AT&T are scheduled to ship on November 6, and Verizon Wireless preorders are set for November 27. Samsung sold over 10 million of the original Samsung Galaxy Note in the first nine month of sale.

The best selling points of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are:

  • S Pen - for handwriting recognition, drawing comments, cutting out photos, taking notes and creative things.  For example, with the S pen you can write and draw into your e-mail.  Idea Sketch lets you draw out your ideas like you would on a white board or on paper. The latest S Pen has been ergonomically designed to be more like an ink pen.  You can also copy/clip images and text to put into notes, documents and designs. The handwriting recognition was so good on the original Samsung Galaxy Note, I was able to take one and write an entire article at  at the beach.
  • Phablet Size - the with 5.55" screen Samsung Galaxy Note II designed to be a cross between a phone and a tablet. It is more like a small notebook or sketch pad.  The extra screen space makes it easier to multitask, browse the web and watch video.
  • Samsung Sharing -  Samsung created a suite of apps to make it easy to share photos, videos and more. Share Shot is  lets you automatically share photos with other Samsung Galaxy Note II /S III owners. S Beam lets you beam files to other SG Note II/S III devices.
  • Screen Recorder -helps you remember everything you did on the screen
  • Easy Clip - takes a screen shot of the screen which can be sized by the S Pen.
  • Visualize - offers images that  illustrate hand written words.
  • AllShare  and GroupCast -  shar video content,  games and movies and TV shows from Samsung Media Hub wirelessly with Samsung Smart TVs, laptops, tablets and other consumer electronics.

Samsung today posted huge profits, which means they may be more parties.

As far as deals go, while a device in the preorder stage there is usually few online retailer discounts. Amazon is not showing any discount now but does show the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note for $149.99.  If you are a new AT&T customer you can use the $50 Off Coupon Link  for new customers with a plan.

This list price for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II  with certain plans is $369.99, Wirefly has a special deal  $279.99 for new and upgrades.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II include Android Jelly Bean, quad core 1.6 1.6GHz processor, 16GB storage on board, microSD slot, 8MP camera with built-in flash, S Pen, front 2MP camera, Bluetooth, 3100 Ah battery, mobile hotspots, Wi-Fi and S Pen.

Compare the Samsung Galaxy Note II vs original SG Note.

28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2(II) News - Orders/Release Dates, Best Features & Deals”

  1. I like the features of the S Pen. You just have to make sure you don't lose your S Pen, it will be expensive to replace.

  2. Did you have to own a Samsung Galaxy Note to get into the party. The concert, looked phabulous!

  3. In stead of getting my husband a tablet, I'm thinking of getting hime the Note 2. The only problem is that he doesn't write very well. Then if he doesn't use it, I will.:)

  4. I think women will like ths Samsung Galaxy Note better because we are used to writing things down.

    • Previously when I showed the Samsung Galaxy Note different people, most men thought it was too big, while women who are used to carrying things in their purse, liked the bigger size when they saw what it could do.

    • What thing? I hope you mean the Samsung Galaxy Note II....

      It depends on the kind of pants you are wearing. I hope you can get a case with a belt clip on it then it wouldn't look so strange.

      Reall men should be able to accomadte something that is only 5.5 inches!

      • Is that a Galaxy Note 11 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me again. MMMMMMMMMMMMM

  5. I don't understand is it better to get an iPhone 5 and a mini Pad and then average them together and you get a Samsung Galaxy Note 2"? Or just get a Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

  6. I wish there is a way you could you share shot and group cast with people who don't have a Samsung Galaxy S III are Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

  7. Deleting that's keeping me from getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as the price. When and if it costs a $100 I'll be ready to buy it. I can get a Nexus 7 instead and just use it as tablet then get a cheap chell phone for phone calls.

  8. I think the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a much better deal than the iPad mini, because you cannot use it as a telephone. If you want to buy it with data it gets really expensive.

  9. When the Nexus 4 comes out there'll be another phablet on the market and hopeully you can get one unlocked without a contract. You'll pay more upfront, but you won't be signing your life away to AT&T or Verizon Wireless for two years.

    I'm thinking that MetroPCS will welcome some great Nexus phones in the future. The LG Optimus G has almost all the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, except for the Samsung Hub and Hubbub....

    I say Bah Humbug to the SG N2 when the Nexus 4 is released.

  10. I'm trying to get my parents to buy me a Samsung Galaxy Note f2 for Xmas. I think it would be easier to read my books on as well as take notes in school. I could save on paper notebooks, I can also share notes with my fellow students and well as video with the class.

    The only problem is most of my friends have iPhones and iPads, especilly if they come from a rich family.

  11. I don't how my friends afford all these really expensive cell phones, tablet and notebook computers. I can barely afford to go out to lunch and I see these kids drive up in BMWs with the latest tech.

    The weird part about these kids is that they don't get good grades they just too busy texting everybody.

    It's not the fact that you have technology that matters it's what you do with it.

    They'll even give us textbooks anymore we have to rent an iPad. I went over to my grandma's house and she didn't have Wi-Fi so I couldn't do my homework for the week.

    The good thing about the iPad is lighter to carry around, but I'm worried about dropping in and getting it wet.

    Personally I prefer paper books that I can write in the margins.

    I think I would like the Samsung Galaxy Note II because of the notetaking feature and you can cut out pictures.

    I would need My friends have the same type of software and smart phone.

    It's really competitive out there. It's no longer how you look, it's how expensive your stuff is.

  12. Maybe I'm an optimist but I think the LG Optimus G is going to be reduced more than the Samsung Galaxy II. LG can make things a lot cheaper than the other makers.

    I think the LG Optimus G is going to be the best gift this holiday season.

  13. Samsung really knows how to throw a party. I've been to the Samsung Galaxy S3 event and it was top-of-the-line, way cool and worth the price of the SG S3.

    There were some really cute rich guys there too. 🙂

  14. IF you drop any kind of smartphone onto the pavment, most likely it wiall break.

  15. The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy Note II is that it comes with Android Jelly Bean, you wont' have to wait for an update.

  16. I won't buy an product unless it has an HDMI connection. It must have a microSD card slot so that I can swap out data/music etc.

  17. I would like a phablet that when you drop it, it doesn't break. I dropped my iPad and cried for days.

  18. I like the Kindle Fire HD because with Amazon Prime, I get free shipping on whatever and lots of videos.

  19. HTC makes easier to use phones, their marketing buget isn't as big. They can't affor Kanye West or even Adam West.

  20. Doesn't anyone know what songs Kanye sang? Can I see a video of his performance. If we couldn't make the party, Samsung could at least give us free music on Samsung Music Hub.

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