Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Gives Best Shot to African American Familes?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2Samsung along with continuing to update its products to Jelly Bean and new premiun features, is promoting its products to people of color. The first round of commercials for the Samsung Galaxy Note II featured LeBron James at Guillermo.

The latest commercial  titled "Family Photo" features a mostly African American family taking a group family photo. Some of the family people can't stand still but the camera feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note II, allows to make a group shop by saving individual shots and them combining them all in one photo.

There  are some people in the group that could be of mixed race, Hispanic or even European. The video illustrates the "Best Shot" feature but also illustrates yet again that Samsung is actively marketing its products to minorities.

African Americans and English speaking Latinos are as likely as whites to own any sort of mobile phone, and are more likely to use their phones for a wider range of activities, reported Pew Internet Research.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II in showing a "modern" family is making its products seem modern. We've been trying to track down a copy of the "Santa Falls Down the Stairs" commerical where Santa could be tipsy and falls.  One person in the modern family take the photo on the Samsung Galaxy S III  then sends it via S Beam to a Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Samsung also promoted the Galaxy Note II  to young social media uses who take a photo and then turn it into artistic greeting cards, ending with the phrase "Be Creative."

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II include Android Jelly Bean, quad core 1.6 1.6GHz processor, 16GB storage on board, microSD slot, 8MP camera with built-in flash, S Pen, front 2MP camera, Bluetooth, 3100 Ah battery, mobile hotspots, Wi-Fi and S Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is now available from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T  U.S. Cellular and Verizon Wireless. Amazon Wireless has reduced the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note II to $249.99 for AT&T, as low at $149.99 for new Sprint customers and $199.99 for new Verizon customers.  Buy Amazon SG N2. 

This list price for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II  with certain plans is $369.99, Wirefly has a special deal  $299.99 for new and upgrades with free activation credit.

We are currently working on a review of the Samsung Galaxy Note II that has appeared in our best smartphones of 2012 round-up. Our editor on the original Samsung Galaxy Note wrote an entire article at  at the beach with the S Pen. Compare the Samsung Galaxy Note II vs original SG Note.

9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Gives Best Shot to African American Familes?”

  1. It doesn't matter to me if the people are African American. I feel left out because I don't have that big of a family.

  2. The Droid Products are promoted towards men. Samsung tries to relate to everyone .

  3. I see very few minorities in Apple/iPhone commercials. They seldom include whole people. Just hands.

  4. The Galaxy Note II is a great phablet for families. It's bigger and better.

  5. I like the way that this is an African-American family, that's hip and not stereotypical. They have the money to ge the best plan around.

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