TS2R: YouTube Android/iPhone Update, HTC One, Vine, VZW, Moto X & ZTE Open

During the Dog Days of Summer news has been coming in too-short-to-report (TS2R) bits. Here's  the minimalist wireless news for today. News revolves around Vine, Verizon, Waze, YouTube, HTC One and the ZTE Open.

Too Short to Report Wireless NewsVine Grows Like Jack's Beanstalk - Twitter's video app Vine now has 40 million users.

Google Maps Wazed - Google Maps now feature real time traffic reports from Waze.

Google updated its Android and iOS iPhone YouTube Apps : The  "cleaner designed" YouTube app now lets you watch a video while searching. It also features a new preview screen, app icon and more support for landscape on tablets.

Verizon Subs Subways in NYC - Verizon Wireless service will be deployed to 36 Manhattan subway stations, later this year.

HTC One/Droid DNA Update Update - the HTC One & Droid DNA will be updated to Android 4.3 by the end of September in the U.S. and Canada reported  Jason Mackenzie at HTC via his Twitter account.

Moto X Sigs Nixed - New MotoMakers won't be able to have their customized assembled in TX Moto X's engraved due to problems found during testing.

Sony Honami -Z1? - New leaks suggest that the super camera Sony Honami may be called the Xperia Z1.  We'll know for sure on September 4.

Barnes & Noble Nookies in Color Back - CNET reported even after the blow-out of  bargain priced Nook HD+, the company has changed its plans and will make another color Nook for the holidays.

ZTE Open & Closed - The eZBay-only ZTE Open smarpthone sold-out in the U.S. at $80 each and in the U.K.  There were less than a 1,000 units per country.  A new black market has developed for the phones with prices as high as $180.