LG G2 Verizon, T-Mobile & AT&T September Release Dates

It's the fall smartphone release blitz time. The LG G2 is coming to T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T, all in September. Here are the release dates which are all in September.

Mark your LG G2 calendars for:

  • Thursday, September 12, Verizon Wireless for $199.99 with a contract. The LG G2 at Verzion will have  wireless charging, exclusively.
  • Friday the 13th AT&T, priced at $199.99 with a contract or $27 a month with the AT&T Next Plan, presales start today, Sepember 6.
  • Wednesday, September 18 for T-Mobile, priced at $99.99 plus $21.00 a month for two years.
  • Sprint has not announced a release date, yet. However, Sprint will be offering a free QuickWindow case when you preorder, while supplies last.LGG2Final

LG placed the volume  and power buttons on the back of the G2, where the fingers are when held, for easier control and  fewer dropped phones while adjusting the volume.

With KnockON, the LG G2 can be powered on by tapping twice on the display.

LG claims that it the 5.2" HD display with a super thin bezel is the largest for handed operation at 2.7" wide. It has a 2.26GHz QualcommSnapdragon 800 procesor featuring quad Krait CPU, 2GBRAM, running Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2

The 13MP camera with image stabilization allows for sharper images. The audio is 24 bit/192kHz Hi-Fi playback.

GRAM reduces the display’s energy use by up to 26 percent on a still frame and increases overall usage time on the device by approximately 10 percent on the 3,000mAh battery which should last a full day on single charge.

Here are a list of all features:

  • Audio Zoom lets you zero in on a specific audio source by zooming
    in on your subject while recording video.
  • Capture Plus -lets you take a screen shot of a full web page, with precise
    border controls.
  • Clip Tray - operates as a PC-like clipboard that stores pictures, text, and links you’d like to reference later.
  • Answer Me — Automatically answers the call after lowering the ringtone when the phone is raised to one’s ear.
  • Shot & Clear  captures the background before a moving person or object enters your shot, and blends it with the picture you’ll take seconds later, eliminating any unwanted moving objects.
  • Plug & Pop — Recommends options or related features to choose from when the earphone or USB cable is detected.
  • Text Link — Allows information embedded in text messages to be selected and easily saved in a memo or calendar and searched on a map or the internet.

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