Best Smartphones Review of Reviews: Consumer Reports-Samsung Galaxy S 4/Note III, LG G2, Droid Maxx Best iPhone5s - Nexus 5

Top Ten Best SmartphonesFor the last week of 2013, we'll be reviewing all the reviews this year for the best smartphones of the year from different sources.  We are trying to discover "What are the top best coolest hottest smartphones of 2013."

Today, we look at Consumer Reports.  When we first started this feature, Consumer Reports, was not at the bleeding edge of the topic like tech reviewers.  Now that smartphones are mainstream, Consumer reports has improved greatly and also survey their readers to see what they thought of their carriers. Many people are considering leaving their carriers.  They also found that most people buy too much data and don't use all of it. Most people use about 1Gb of data month. However, data hogs and those who use their smartphone for everything can use to 6GB of data month.

Consumer Reports January issue also showed different ratings for carriers in different cities in some places Seattle and Sand Diego T-Mobile topped the list. While Verizon came tops in most most major cities.  If you are new to town or never bought a smartphone before, it's worth the $5.99 to buy the magazine.

If we don't look at the plans and just at the smartphones, we were surprised that Apple's iPhone moved way down the list for all carriers.   Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola's Droid all beat out the iPhone 5s as best smartphones.  Android smartphones accounted for all the top best winners.

Consumer Reports showed tablet alternatives such as the Samsung Galaxy Note III, LG Optimus G Pro and Samsung Galaxy Mega for those who don't own a tablet. The Samsung Galaxy S Active and Sony Xperia Z were noted as top poolside smartphones for their water resistance.

There were up to fifteen smartphones per carrier that were recommended but none received the CR Best Buy check because smartphones are expensive, no matter how you calculate it.  There are few models that came out in 2012 (best of 2012) that are showing on the top of the lists that we would not recommend, because we suggest you buy the top-of-the-line most recent model if you are getting a smartphone on contract. Buyers, however, are not reading reviews because the iPhone 5S remained the top seller at almost all carriers for sales this fall.  The Consumer Reports lacks the Nexus 5 because it came out too late in 2013 to be reviewed completely.

Please note that all of these smartphones when you buy them are locked to the carrier.  If you are interested in unlocking an iPhone 5/5S/5c read the latest FCC news on the subject.

AT&T Top Smartphones According to Consumer Reports

10. Pantech Discover (77).

9. Nokia Lumia 1020 (77).

8. Motorola Moto X(77).

7. iPhone 5S (78).

6. Samsung Galaxy Note III (78).

5. HTC One (79).

4. LG Optimus G (79)(Note LG Optimus G Pro has a faster processor)

3. LG G2 (79).

2. Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active (80).

1. Samsung Galaxy S 4 (81).

Sprint Top Best Smartphones of 2013

10. HTC EVO 4G LTE (73)

9. LG Optimus F3 (73).

8. Samsung Ativ S Neo (73).

7. Apple iPhone 5c (75).

6. Motorola Moto X (75).

5. Apple iPhone 5S (76).

4. Samsung Galaxy Note III (76).

3. HTC One (77).

2. LG Optimus G (77).

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 (79).

Top Best Smartphones T-Mobile 2013

10. Google Nexus 4 (77) .

9. Nokia Lum8a 925 (77).

8. Sony Xperia Z (77).

7. LG Optimus F6 (77).

6. Apple iPhone 5c (78).

5. Apple iPhone 5S (78).

4. Samsung Galxy Note III (78).

3. HTC One (79).

2. LG G2 (79).

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 (81).

Verizon Wireless Top Best Smartphones of 2013

11. iPhone 5c (75).

10. Motorola Droid RAZR M (75).

9. Motorola Drod RAZR Mini(75).

8. Motorola Moto X (75).

7. Apple iPhone 5S (76).

6. Motorola Droid Ultra (76).

5. Samsung Galaxy Note III (77).

4. HTC One (77).

3. LG G2 (78).

2. Motorola Droid MAXX (78).

1. Samsung Galaxy S4 (81).

Samsung has become the top maker of smartphones in the world.  American consumer still however perceive Apple's iPhone to be their favorite buying choice. Tech reviewers, will most likely have the Nexus 5 in the mix for a value unlocked top smartphone. Please check back on December 31 to find the top best hottest coolest smartphone of 2013.


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    Samsung has indeed become the top smartphone manufacturer and LG seems to be catching up with it at a rapid pace.Verizon , T Mobile , Sprint and At &T's list of top smartphones of the year 2013 includes more than 2 Samsung and LG phones.

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