Best Free Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, iPhone 6 & Apps April Fools' Tech Jokes?

WiMo TeethSee how bizarre and hilarious tech April Fool's jokes can be.While  HTC and Samsung don't get thumbs up for jokes, others mock problems in the industry. We think good April Fool's jokes are ones that play on the foibles of people or the industry. We save the best or worst for last....

The HTC Gluuv Beta looks like  robotic arm, that connects to the HTC One on an arm. It will send music to an old Boom Box, make Facebook likes by putting your thumbs up and has 87.2 MP camera below the knuckle.

Samsung Fingers has sensors, solar charging and gestures to make phone calls or faltulence noise.

Toshiba DiGit gloves offer everything, smartphone, DSLR camera, media streaming box, gaming console, home theater system, MP3 player, and ultrasound machine 64GB of storage and 1TB cloud storage, plus 4G wireless, and 12 hours of battery life. We're getting closer to silly satirical because it has that haunting music in the background of the video and an high-techish announcer (see video below).

Recently, we saw a pair of Bluetooth gloves with an earphone and microphone in the glove that works with cell phones for those out in the cold. So what's new about those wearable devices?

A few years ago, Google team launched an animal voice translator. This year Google claimed it was looking for a Pokemon Master to join the company. Google Japan make video of a mechanical hand for better smartphone use.

The funniest April Fool we saw today was iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens said that iFixit had been acquired by Apple and would help Apple make easier to repair devices.

There's the Bearswipe app that lets bearded dudes unlock their iPhones by rubbing the phone in their facial hair.

Netflix is offering two new top hit shows "Rotisserie Chicken" and "Sizzling Bacon."

How About These April Fools' Day Stories  (if We Had the Time)?

iPhone 6 Found & Self Destructs

A blog post that says a new iPhone 6 has been found in a bar.  After taking photos and attempting to sell it to the Verge/Engadget or BGR, the iPhone 6 explodes. The person who found it discovers his entire identity has been wiped clean.  There are no records any place that prove that he exists, except for a $1million credit card bill from Target.

Steve Jobs Gets Job at Samsung After Death

It turns out Steve Jobs' brain was encapsulated and turned into genius code and has been purchased by Samsung. Jobs DNA was then patented by Samsung. The company will now out Apple Apple and win its patent suits by claiming that they own the core technology behind iPhones and iPads.

WiMo Teeth Tech Takes GigaBytes to Next Level

Forget about the Gluuv or Samsung Fingers or even Google Glasses, introducing WiMo teeth the most sophisticated embedded technology around. Besides, being whiter than your original teeth, each tooth has a custom application. One front tooth is an invisible camera.  A molar plays music and sends phone calls to your ear.  WiMo teeth are operated with your tongue or method of chewing. A quick click in back of the camera shoots a photo while a back and forth motion takes video.  To create text messages each tooth is part of a QWERTY BlackBerry Style keyboard.  You don't have to worry about antenna problems because your hair acts as a receiver and Wi-Fi hotspot.  By chewing on acid charged gum you can recharge all the devices in your mouth while streaming video to a dongle that connects to an HDTV screen. Smile at a barcode and an app will search the Internet for a cheaper price and order it for you. You can delete text messages by making a raspberry noise blubbering your lips. Stick out your tongue and a reflective infrared laser takes a selfie.

Of course, you must disable all the WiMo teeth functions when you are flossing, brushing your teeth or kissing.  WiMo teeth will surely take a bite out of outdated smartphones.

The Greatest iPhone Deal of All Time?

Or perhaps what everyone has ever dreamed of ---- Apple announced today, that since it is one of the most profitable companies int he world, it will give a free iPhone, iPod or iPad to everyone in the entire world.  Workers at their factories with receive bonuses of $100,000 each and health insurance for life.

Happy April Fools' Day!  If you have seen or have some funny April Fools' tech pranks, let us know in the comments below.