Best Virgin Mobile Cyber Monday 2014 Deals Live: $150 off Samsung Galaxy S5 w/ Free Samsung Level On Headphones & More 40% Off Deals with Promo Codes

Virgin Mobile,  over the holidays, Cyber Monday through Cyber Week cuts it prices lower for its smartphones than the rest of the year.

There are some Virgin Mobile deals that start or end on Cyber Monday. Our favorite is when you buy the Samsung Galaxy S5, at $150 off, you also get free Samsung Level On headphones with the promo code SMSNGCYBER .  Although we may see some price reductions on some smartphones, later. Cyber Monday at Virgin Mobile shows the highest discounts available any time during the entire year.

Get $150 Off the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Samsung Level On Headphones With Promo Code SMSNGCYBER on Cyber Monday Only at Virgin Mobile online.

Cyber Monday Only:

 $150 Off the Samsung Galaxy S5  & free  Level On Headphones with Promo Code SMSNGCYBER - This is the top of line Samsung smartphone with a 5.1" HD display, 16MP camera, S Health and other high-end features such as  dust proof and water resistance. We have not been able to find out which Samsung Level On headphones are available with this deal. Level On headphones with 40mm head pads feature a dual diaphragm design with large 40mm drivers provides exceptionally clear sound with full dynamic range and powerful bass at any volume and can cost as much as $179.99. The headphones also have a microphone for S-Voice and are very flattering looking. Level On, means that the headphones sit on your ears.

The Level On headphones are premium headphones, if you don't want to keep them they will make a wonderful gift for your friends or loved ones.

Virgin Mobile Deals that End Cyber Monday:

40% Off the Samsung Galaxy SIII - this was the best smartphone of the year a few years ago and still packs powerful features such as a 8MP camera, S Beam, 4.8" touchscreen and microSD card slot. The discount slashes the price from $249.99  to $149.99. On Tuesday the price increases to $225.

Get 40% Off the Kyocera Hydro Vibe this smartphone has water-proof features at4.5" impact resistant touchscreen.  Normally $149.99 your saving should be $59.99 bringing the price down to $90.

Virgin Mobile Mo Better Black Friday Deals 40% off and 25% off SG 5Get 25% Off the HTC Desire 816 - the phone has a 5.5" touchscreen and 13 MP camera and HTC BoomSound. The usual price for this huge smartphone is $299.00, the discount is equal to around $75 off which is an excellent discount with a price at $224.99


For Cyber Week

 40% Off the LG Optimus F3 - This 4G LTE smarthone is 77.99 which is normally $129.99. It features a 4" touchscreen, 5MP camera, 1.2 GHZ dual-core processor, Quick Memo and VuTalk.
40% Off the LG Volt  -
Features a  4.7" touchscreen, quad-core processor, LTE data,8MP camera, Knock Code andQuickMemo. normally priced at $179.99 the discount is $72 bringing the price down to $107.99

Get $100 off the Virgin Mobile Supreme - 5-inch touchscreen and a 13MP camera with HD video recorder for $199.99 the MSRP is $299.99.

Always check the deals page: Deals from Virgin Mobile!

Starts December 2

 $50 Off the LG Optimus F3 -  the price increase slightly but still features  a 4" touchscreen, 5MP camera, 1.2 GHZ dual-core processor, Quick Memo and VuTalk.

Virigin Mobile has plans starting at $20/month. Their plans are geared for lighter data users who want cheaper monthly deals. The plan that is the most appealing is $35 a month for a Samsung Galaxy S5 with 2.5 GB of data per month with unlimited text messages and 300 minutes for people who don't talk much or 250MB of data unlimited talk and text. The twenty-dollar plan is Wi-Fi data only unlimited text and 300 voice minutes. For $45 a month, on Virgin mobile you get unlimited voice, text and 1GB of high-speed data. The $55 a month plan adds 2GB of data to the $45 plan.  Virgin now has cost comparison tool so that you can compare the total cost of owning the phone over AT&T, Boost, Cricket, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, MetroPCS and Verizon Wireless for heavy data users who need unlimited talk minutes Boost Mobile sometimes is the better deal. There are no cost comparisons with Sprint.

  • $20 - Wi-Fi only, unlimited texts and 300 voice minutes.
  • $35 - 2.5 GB data, unlimited texts and 300 voice minutes or
  • $35 - 25oMB data, unlimited texts and unlimited voice.
  • $45 - 1 GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited voice.
  • $55 - 3 GB data unlimited texts and unlimited voice.

For those who have family in North Amercia, for $5.00 a month you can get unlimited calls to Mexico (landlines) and Canada as wells as free international text messaging. For an additional $10 a month you can get free calls to mobile phones in Mexico and unlimited calls to 70 countries.

The Virgin Mobile plans are best for lower-end data users who user more voice and text messages.  Heavy data users are better off with Boost Mobile but will pay more for the phones.  Unfortunately you can't use a Virgin Mobile phone with Boost Mobile service.  If you are in an area where Sprint does not have great coverage, you may want to try Straight Talk which features all the four major carriers but will not tell you which carrier it uses. For those who need a senior focused cell phone with larger buttons and medical alert features, GreatCall is a very good option.

Virgin Mobile Mo Better Black Friday Deals 40% off and 25% off SG 5