Samsung Galaxy S5 (GS 5) Review of Reviews & News & Cheapest Best Deals

VerizonSGS5Today is the launch date for the new Samsung Galaxy S5, let's see the latest news and first look reviews are saying.  We were able to find some discounts and deals online and in stores.

Previous ads for other Samsung Galaxy products pointed how absurd the iSheep are when they stand in long lines.  Today they were long lines for the Galaxy S5 buyers in Rotterdam (Holland) Singapore, Melbourne (Australia) and South Korea.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6: Review of Best Cheapest Deals, Release Dates & More

SamsungGalaxyS5Samsung is gearing up for the release of it's latest next big thing the Samsung Galaxy S5 along with accessory smartwatches. We are researched the best deals so far for preordering the GS 5,  we've found $100 bill credits, free activation and big reductions or free Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets (restrictions apply.  Remember, you will always pay the highest price the moment the phone is released. If you wait a few months there will be better offers. For instance Best Buy is selling the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 for $49.99 with a contract. If you are waiting to find out if you should wait for the iPhone 6 we took most of the present iPhone 6 rumored specs into account for an iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 comparison.

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Best Cyber Monday Deals-Samsung Galaxy S III (Virgin), Best Buy, Boost, LG G2 (free) & $50 Coupon

BlackFridayThursCyberMondaysales2013We've been looking for the best Cyber Monday-Week deals for our readers and if you want to switch to prepaid or get a new smartphone or tablet we found some excellent bargains from Best Buy, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

 Update November 23, 2014:The incredible Samsung Galaxy S5 for $1 deal is now live at Best Buy for Black Friday 2014. iPad Air 2 deals are coming and we suspect that will sell out quickly. T-Mobile started its deals. Virgin Mobile has cut prices, already. Verizon deals are on the horizon. AT&T has not announced its daily deals. However, Sprint has some new deals ready

Virgin Mobile is still running it's BFD (Black Friday Deal) today with 50% of some of its best smartphones such as Save 50% Off the Virgin Mobile Supreme - for $149.99 . Cyber Monday  deals started today, Sunday with great deals on HTC Desire ($179.99), Virgin Awe ($49.99) and Samsung Galaxy  III 4G ($249.99) through Tuesday at 7:00 am EST.  We checked today at Virgin Mobile and the iPhone 5 is 20% off and there are even more deals from Virgin Mobile.

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