Palm Pre Loves Developers with Mojo with Open Access to Internal Functions

09palmpre.jpgThe good news for developers is that Palm is open to new things and their rapid development platform called Mojo makes developing apps easier than for other smartphones for the Palm Pre.

Arts Technica spoke with a developer who has used the Mojo platform for the Palm Pre and he had a lot of good things to say about it.  He noted that Palms attitude is not "developer-hostile" like the iPhone App process and they are open to letting developers access most of the functions of the Palm Pre.

Apple does not let developers touch certain functions of the iPhone while Mojo will allow developers to access a lot of the phone's functionality, including calendaring, contacts, music and video
playback.  The SDK also allows notifications, background tasks, and access to the text messaging system.

The developers platform for the Palm Pre is not open to the public yet.
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