Top Handsets in Decemember, Topped by RIM's BlackBerry Curve


AvianReasearch calculated the top ten handsets in the U.S. in December and reported the four largest carriers represented 85% of the U.S. wireless market on a subscriber basis. Most of the top ten handsets are in fact smartphones.

The findings are very similar to Wireless and Mobile News Review of Reviews of Top Best Coolest Hottest Smartphones of 2008. In our compilation of reviews, the number one position was a three-way tie of the iPhone, BlackBerry Storm and T-Mobile G1. It's interesting to note that the T-Mobile G1 doesn't show up at all on the AvianResearch list.

The top handset on the list is the BlackBerry Curve which came out in late 2007 and is carried by many carriers and is available at Wirefly for free with a contract for new customers. The features of the BlackBerry Curve is little different for each carrier.

Here are the rankings followed by the carrier and average price as of today(after rebates).  It looks like U.S. consumers are willing to pay $100 or more for handset. However if you are looking for a deals and discounts, they can be found on these very popular handsets.

  1. RIM Blackberry Curve - AT&T ($99), Verizon ($99 $50 with BYGOF*), Sprint Nextel ($99), T-Mobile ($99).
  2. Apple iPhone - AT&T ( $199 or $299).
  3. BlackBerry Storm  - Verizon Wireless ($199 or $99 w/Verizon BlackBerry Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale)
  4. LG Voyager - Verizon Wireless ($149, Titanium LG Voyager free at Wirefly).
  5. LG Dare - Verizon Wireless ($179, LG Dare $99 at Wirefly
  6. BlackBerrry Bold - AT&T ($299 price can be reduced by $50 with W&MN coupon-link).
  7. Samsung Rant - Sprint Nextel($49 Samsung Rant free at Wirefly).
  8. Samsung Behold - T-Mobile ($149).
  9. Samsung Instinct - Sprint Nextel ($129 Free in Blackor  Pink  Wirefly with new contract.)
  10. LG Env2 - Verizon Wireless ($129 free with new account at Wirefly)

Rankings by AvianResearch L.L.C.

If we look at mafacturers on the list you get:

  • RIM - 3
  • LG - 3
  • Samsung - 3
  • Apple - 1

*Verizon has a Buy One Get One Free BlackBerry Sale Until March 31, 2009.

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